Interview: Luka Milec on SixtyTwo Motosports and 2019

Luka Milec is a rider who has plenty of EMX experience but the Slovenian has mostly been a privateer during his time in the GP paddock. However, that’s all about to change for the 2019 season as he’s inked a deal with the SixtyTwo Motosports team which will see him on a Husqvarna.

Klemen Gercar runs the SixtyTwo Motosports team and has made the decision to expand the team for year ahead which will see Milec join the team as well as young 85cc rider, Jaka Peklaj.

We caught up with Luka Milec after signing with the team to get his thoughts on the move and the year ahead.

Gatedrop: Luka, you’ve signed with SixtyTwo Motosports Husqvarna for 2019. First of all, how did the move all come about?

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Luka Milec: I’ve been following SixtyTwo Motosports since the beginning and I’ve wanted to be a part of it one day. Now it is finally a reality. The team manager, Klemen Gercar believes in me and that’s what got us together.

Gatedrop: You’ve plenty of EMX experience over the past few years but mainly as a privateer, just how tough is it getting to the races as a privateer?

Luka Milec: Yes, I have done plenty EMX races as a privateer. For sure it’s really tough, but I was always committed and hungry for the races and success.

Gatedrop: Now you have a team behind you it must feel great, it gives you less to worry about?

Luka Milec: Absolutely, it feels great. It will be a lot easier for myself as well as my parents that have helped me throughout my career so much. Finally it will be a bit less stressful for them and I am really looking forward to be working with the team.

Gatedrop: Just on this year, it was your rookie season in the EMX250 Championship. How did you find the step up up from the 125cc? Also, do you think the age rule will help riders like yourself in 2019?

Luka Milec: Switching from the 125cc to 250cc was pretty awesome to me, it feels great to be on the 4 stroke even though we all miss that two stroke sound (laughs). But no, all in all, it was pretty good. For the rookie season I think it was not too bad in 2018. For sure, the new age rule will help us all in EMX250, which I think it was about time to make an age rule.

Gatedrop: You will work with Klemen Gerčar, so far, how has it been working with him?

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Luka Milec: We didn’t work a lot together until today, but as much as we have I liked it and that is just another reason why I am looking forward to it.

Gatedrop: The fact he’s a GP rider himself, he should be able to give you plenty of good advice and it should help bring you on as a rider?

Luka Milec: Definitely, yeah. He has plenty of experience and that is something I need as a young rider. I have plenty to learn and all the advice will be very welcome.

Gatedrop: What’s your expectations for 2019? Now you have a team does that come with more pressure?

Luka Milec: Well, as you know, we are going to compete in the entire EMX250 season where i hope to get myself on the box during the season. We will compete at a couple of MX2 World Championship races as well and that’s where we are aiming for my first points of the career! Will there be a bigger pressure? At the moment I don’t feel any to be honest, he fully believes in me and that’s something that gives me more motivation.

Gatedrop: You won the Slovenian Championship this year, how did that feel and will you race any National Championships in 2019 or just focus on EMX250?

Luka Milec: The EMX250 series is the priority but we are going to compete in the Slovenian Championship as well and some ADAC races as well as some MX2 World Championship races as well. There’s going to be a lot of races but I like that.

Gatedrop: Being from Slovenia, is it tough coming from there and trying to make it in the MX World? What’s the sport like there?

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Luka Milec: For sure it’s not easy to come inside the world Motocross scene as a Slovenian. But as you know we have Tim Gajser and Klemen Gerčar, those guys are making it a lot easier these days as the MX world already knows our little country. When it comes to our national championship it’s a bit poor, there is a couple of fast riders but that’s it. The gate has never been full since I started racing here.

Gatedrop: Have you any plans for winter yet in terms of where you’ll be based and what pre-season races you’ll compete?

Luka Milec: Our winter preparations will mainly be in Italy, but again it depends on the weather, you know. The team looks great and I know they will do anything for us riders to have a good preparation. About the pre-season races, it’s something the team manager will tell us which races we will do.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Luka Milec: I’d like to thank all the supporters, my sponsors that helped me along the 2018 season, KTM Seles for helping with the bikes, Motec Racing – Oakley, Airoh helmets, IMS racewear, CTI knee braces, Akrapovič exhaust system, Robby moto suspension, Marovt company, Tomasin R&D, Roman Jelen mx school, Fitextrem Srdan Prodanović and Linda Cuddy. And of course huge thanks to my family for making my dream come true so far!

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