Interview: Justin Barcia on his A1 podium!

Justin Barcia had no ride just a few weeks ago and was ready to go the privateer route until Yamaha called him to offer a short-term replacement ride for the injured Davi Millsaps.

And after just one night of supercross racing it looks like the move has paid off for both parties! On the podium with laps lead, Barcia had his best supercross race in a number of years and has proved the doubters wrong.

Our supercross reporter, Doug Turney, caught up with a very happy Barcia to talk about finally getting back on form and showing what he can really do when it all clicks.

First of all congratulations on tonight, you had a great heat race, a great main race. Tell me a little about the off-season, putting together a privateer team and then getting the call from Yamaha?

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Yeah, lots of lows and lots of highs. The JGR think never panned out and I think it was best we went our seperate ways and got a fresh outlook on racing and life and hit the reset button. I was going to try and put ether my own team, but luckily I had the Yamaha guys reach out to me, it’s only for six races but we will take it race by race but I hope it turns into something more and I believe it will.

I couldn’t really be much happier, obviously if I had won that would have been great but to be up here (on the podium) it’s good place to start.

During the press conference you sounded refreshed like it was a new start?

I kind of feel like a new person, I took a break and thought about what I wanted in life, when you get your life sorted out racing becomes more fun. that’s what it’s all about, having fun and I had fun all day and that turns into being on the podium, going fast and being comfortable.

As far as the race tonight, what do you think about the new start pad?

It’s more the consistency, it takes a bit of getting used to but I like it, it just more even and it’s a good think they brought in.

Barcia. Pic: Doug Turney

Do you feel the difference when you go off the gate then hit the dirt?

Yeah a lot of people would think it would be easier, but you have to be more technical transitioning from full traction to less traction, so you have to make sure you body position is good and know where you are RPM-wide. There are a lot of variables.

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During the race how much are you thinking of those around you or were you just able to concentrate on your race?

For me tonight I ran my race, if you see an orange bike you know who it is, or a white bike you know who it is but it’s not like I’m thinking about the guys. It’s more hearing than anything and this track you had to leave the doors open a lot and when I made a little mistake that is where I got passed, up the inside. It’s a difficult track to stay out front, at least for me anyway because I made a few mistakes unfortunately!

I think you had a pretty good night all round and it’s great seeing you up there!

Yeah I’m super happy about it and I know it’s going to keep going in the right direction.

Interview and pics: Doug Turney