Interview: Giuseppe Tropepe – working hard to win the EMX250 title!

We are two rounds into the EMX250 Championship and Italian rider, Giuseppe Tropepe is looking strong after getting himself a podium at the second round in Portugal.

The Itialian has spent the last few seasons in the MX2 World Championship but has decided to focus on the EMX250 for the championship ahead.

He signed a deal with the Ghidinelli Racing Team and seems to be enjoying the Yamaha after stitching from the Husqvarna.

We caught up with Tropepe to discuss his start to the season and the difference between the MX2 World Championship and the EMX250 series.

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Gatedrop: Giuseppe, you just got on the podium in Portugal at round two of the EMX250 championship. Can you just talk me through your day?

Giuseppe Tropepe: The weekend went pretty good for me, the track was really difficult with a lot of ruts and bumps so it was easy to make mistakes. The only bad things about the two motos were the starts: in the first moto I was around 20th place, and also in the second one because I slid on the grid and I was pretty far from the leader in the first lap. Anyway my race rhythm was good and I made a good comeback that gave me the chance to finish 3rd overall. I’m happy because I finished consistent at this round and it’s good for the championship standings.

Gatedrop: It must feel great to get on the box?

Giuseppe Tropepe: Yes, for sure also because it was my first time and that was an emotional moment for me, I hope to finish on the box also in the future rounds too.

Gatedrop: Also, at Redsands you ended up fifth overall with bad starts, where you happy with how the first round went for you?

Giuseppe Tropepe: Yes, I left Redsands with positive vibes because that was the first race and no-one can know the speed of the rivals before, so overall I was happy about how the weekend went considering the bad starts I made

Gatedrop: Coming into the season you signed with the Ghidinelli Racing Team, how did that move all come about?

Giuseppe Tropepe: At the end of 2017 I left my old Husqvarna team and the Ghidinelli Yamaha team contacted me. After some talks we made the decision to move with them for the EMX250 series.

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Gatedrop: How does the Yamaha compare to the Husqvarna and did it take you long to adjust to the bike?

Giuseppe Tropepe: From the first time I tried the new bike the feeling was great and I also liked immediately the chassis of the bike, so everything was good from the beginning.

Gatedrop: You’ve been racing in the MX2 World Championship for a few years now, why did you take the decision to focus on EMX250 Championship this year?

Giuseppe Tropepe: In the last 2 years I had a lot of injuries and team changes while I was racing the world championship so it wasn’t easy. Also, because the level in the MX2 class is really high. I made the decision to move into EMX250 series to try to achieve some good results and to come back ready and stronger for the MX2 class in 2019.

Gatedrop: How does the level in the EMX250 Championship compare to the MX2 World Championship?

Giuseppe Tropepe: I think the level in the MX2 World Championship class is higher than the EMX250 series. Anyway, a lot of “ex world-championship riders” are riding the EMX. It makes this class very difficult and it’s necessary to be concentrated and well prepared to achieve come good results.

Gatedrop: There’s a lot of fast youngsters in the class but do you feel while they might have a lot of speed that your experience helps you?

Giuseppe Tropepe: I think that to be in the top spots you need to be consistent every round, and maybe my experience in the world championship is helping me now.

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Gatedrop: What’s your expectations for the EMX250 Championship this year? Where do you want to end up in the championship?

Giuseppe Tropepe: My expectations for the EMX250 is to end up in the top 3 spots, but I’m trying to give my best at every round. Me and my team are working hard to try to win the title.

Gatedrop: Will you race any rounds of the MX2 World Championship this year?

Giuseppe Tropepe: The program was to race the MXGP of Trentino but I had a little injury on my feet the week before so not to risk missing the EMX250 in Portugal we decided to take a break and not to race. We will see in the future if we can participate in some MX2 rounds before the end of the season.

Gatedrop: Is your goal to race the entire MX2 World Championship again in the future?

Giuseppe Tropepe: Yes, if I make good results in the EMX I hope to do it in the future.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Giuseppe Tropepe: For sure yes, I want to thank my team ghidinelli yamaha for the hard work they’re making, my bike trainer Maximiliano Massignani who is with me at every training with the bike, my physical trainer Nicola Dal Santo, my family and all the sponsors.

Pic: Niek Kamper