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Kyle Peters: It was a miracle to be even racing!

Kyle Peters: It was a miracle to be even racing!
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Kyle Peters crashed on the snow and ice OUTSIDE the stadium in Minneapolis last weekend before final practice and tore both his ACL and MCL making him big double for the rest of the season.

But Peters decided to try and tough it out for Foxborough and amazingly, despite the pain and going to the LCQ, grabbed his first podium of the year!

Doug Turney caught up with Kyle on what has been a rollercoaster eight days both physically and emotionally for the JGR Suzuki rider.

Congratulations on the podium, I’m sure you were surprised after what happened last week?!

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Yeah a big surprise, after what happened last week I was pretty devastated. I couldn’t really believe it and then all week, not knowing if I was going to race, flying here and thought I would do what I could do. I qualified fifteenth and I was like ‘aw man, I am struggling pretty bad.’ It was pretty painful and pretty week. I didn’t make it through the heat race , won the LCQ but I think that helped a lot with keeping me warm and ready to rock and roll. The good Lord was looking over me for sure, I got a good start and put in some good laps, it was an unbelievable race for me. It was a miracle to be even racing so I have got to give it up to the whole Autotrader/Yoshiumura Suzuki racing team, without them I wouldn’t be here, it’s such a group effort and I couldn’t be more blessed to be here.

Tell the readers the latest on your knee…

I went and got an MRi on Monday and found out I completely tore me ACL and completely tore my MCL. I knew I was hurt but when I got that news I honestly started to cry, not because it hurt just because of the emotional side of all the work and having the ride of my dreams to go out like that I was pretty devastated. I thought, we are going to fight for it and do whatever we can do.

Is surgery in the future?

Yeah I had surgery schedule for Tuesday but with getting on the podium think we are going to wait to after Vegas so unfortunately I won’t be able to do outdoors, to do outdoors with this injury wouldn’t be very good, I wouldn’t be able to put in 100% and ride to my ability. We will get it fixed up and come back swinging for next year.

Monster Energy Supercross – Foxoborough

Will you stay off the bike for the next two weeks?

I may do some the week before Vegas but this week I know it’s going to be pretty sore, swollen up, I’m going to have to get it drained. We will see how it feels.

How did you feel about your season?

The first few races were a super big struggle, I kept crashing in the main event, I was just blowing it really! I got a good run Atlanta and got some momentum and was feeling pretty good on the bike with Buddy and J-Bone and all the guys. I was riding really good last weekend and shooting for the podium and yeah that happened, so I was super devastated and super bummed so to get it this weekend was redemption to say the least.

Can you talk about the team, it seem like it’s very laid back and easy going still serious, but every rider I have spoken to has mentioned what J-Bone ahs done with the team so far.

The team has been amazing, everyone is super supportive and everyone hangs out for poker nights and goes out to dinner. It’s and awesome vibe between J-Bone, Coy and Buddy, it’s pretty amazing, we all try and help each other out, if they see something we can do better they call us out on it. It’s my dream to be on this team, being from North Carolina I can go home and go back and forth, I couldn’t be more blessed with the opportunity and I hope to be here for a while.



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