Interview: Bastian Bøgh Damm on EMX250 opener – It feels amazing to win at this level

The opening round of the EMX250 series took place at the weekend in Valkenswaard and the series always brings surprises throughout the course of the season and at round one this year Bastian Bøgh Damm was in brilliant form – you can tell he’s had a superb winter and has worked really hard.

Bøgh Damm dominated the EMX250 series going 1-1 (after de Wolf’s penalty in race two) and the Danish talent is looking like he’s going to take some stopping.

“The first race I had a good start, went into the lead early and then just rode my own race. I finished with a big gap behind me so I’m happy with that. The second moto was also good, at the start I laid off the gas a little because I didn’t want to do anything stupid but then I made my way into second and had a pretty good flow. With Kay (de Wolf) getting disqualified I get fifty points now so I’m delighted”, Bøgh Damm stated regarding his moto’s.

Coming into the weekend the WZ KTM rider had never won at this level before and had expectations to finish in the top five but it even went better than he could imaging picking up fifty championship points. However, this time last year Bøgh Damm didn’t have a full winter preparation signing with the team just before the start of the season so he’s clearly benefited from a full winter preparation.

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“It feels amazing to win at this level, I don’t really know what to say, it’s so good. I wasn’t expecting to dominate so much but I was expecting/hoping for a top five so I’m happy with how it went. Last year I signed with the WZ KTM team a little bit late, this winter we did the same things as last year and it has paid off so I’m happy”, Bøgh Damm told

Despite the Valkenswaard track appearing to be gnarly and rough, the young Dane enjoyed the conditions and didn’t find it too tough – he clearly loves riding the tough tracks which is a good quality to have.

“The track was okay. I preferred it today (Sunday), the jumps were a little bit better. I did enjoy it out there, I threw some whips and had some fun. I found the track pretty okay, not too rough, I enjoyed it.  I want to stay consistent and have consistent moto’s throughout the season. Now I have the red plate I really want to keep it. The level of the EMX250 series is pretty similar to last year, I am just getting better and better”, concluded Bøgh Damm.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Infront Moto Racing