Interview: Adam Sterry on his return to racing!

F&H Kawasaki rider, Adam Sterry made his return to racing at Hawkstone International. It was Sterry’s first race in tenth months after picking up an injury but he made a solid return to racing as he ended up fourth overall just missing out on a podium.

Sterry only has two years left in the MX2 World Championship so it’s a big year for him to build momentum before his final year in the class.

We caught up with Sterry after Hawkstone to discuss a range of topics.

Gatedrop: Adam, you’ve just had your first race in months. How does it feel to be back at the races?

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Adam Sterry: Yeah, good! It’s good to shake of the nerves because I was definitely nervous before this weekend. It’s been ten months since I last done a start in a race, it’s a long time and by far the longest time I’ve ever been off the bike. The longest before that without no racing or riding was probably a month and a half so it’s good to get back into it.

I had a solid day in all, I had good starts too. In the first race I rode a little bit tight, I kind of forgot how to race and came home in seventh which was still solid, I rode nice but just a little bit tight. The second race was good, I got a better start and managed to work myself up to third. If it wasn’t for some backmarkers then I would have been tight there with the top two so that was good and I was really happy with that. In the last race, I had an alright start but it’s difficult against the 450’s, when you get behind one then they just gain so much coming out of the corners it’s difficult to pass. I should have made the pass on Nathan a little bit sooner and then I would have been away a little bit but I didn’t. I made a few big mistakes so I decided that it will do and that it was enough for me today – it was a solid day.

Gatedrop:  You signed with the F&H Kawasaki team for this season. How’s everything going with the team and the people you’re working with?

Adam Sterry: Good. It’s a really close team and everyone works really hard. They’ve made a step up in the level and provided me with everything that I need. Hopefully we can get some good results this year and fight for the podiums which I think I’m capable of and deserve, the team deserve them too.

Gatedrop: Last year you were with the Factory Kawasaki team. Did many people come from that team to the F&H Kawasaki team or is it all new people you’re working with?

Adam Sterry: Yeah, all brand new people. No one from last year apart from the people I closely work with. No one has moved over but like I said, they’re a good group of people and they’re all hard working. We all want to win and do well, it’s a nice atmosphere and that’s how it should be – that helps get results.

Gatedrop: Have you been riding much with your team mates, Ruben Fernandez and Jed Beaton? Has that been helping you get back up to speed after a lengthy lay off?

Adam Sterry: When I’ve been in Holland I’ve been riding with them, it’s nice to ride with them because obviously they’re fast guys. Also, in the UK I train with Rich (Richard Mike Jones), he has fast riders as well so it’s always good to ride with fast riders because it keeps you sharp. You’re not just going there and riding round, you’re making sure you’re working hard. It’s what’s needed because when you come to the races it’s so intense that you need to be doing that during the week.

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Gatedrop: I believe you’re racing France this weekend for the Lacapelle Marival International, I’m sure it will be nice to get some hard pack training in as well as the sand today..

Adam Sterry: Yeah, France next week. It’s another race and I think I kind of need another race before Argentina because I’ve been away and out so long. It’s going to be interesting, I’ve done one on the sand and then the one in the hard pack next week.  I’ll be looking the same sort of thing, some solid results and nothing crazy so we can be fit and strong for Argentina.

Gatedrop: Just on the MX2 World Championship, what are your goals for the season ahead?

Adam Sterry: Definitely fighting for podiums. I think that fighting for podiums is the goal and that’s where I should be. If you do that all year then you should be there or there about’s at the end of year. I’ve two years left in the class and now it’s my time to stay injury free and keep progressing.

Interview: Andy McKinstry
Pic: Scott Dunne