Interview: Glenn Coldenhoff – my goal is to finish in the top five!

Glenn Coldenhoff was in action at the Hawkstone International event and he put in a great performance on his Red Bull KTM machine. He had plenty of laps at the front but just didn’t have enough to beat Jeffrey Herlings.

However, second overall was a great result for Coldenhoff, especially as he was off the pace at the first round of the International Italian Championship just the weekend before.

With the MXGP World Championship season drawing ever closer, Coldenhoff will want to build on this performance and hope to be a front runner in the World Championship.

We caught up with Coldenhoff after Hawkstone to get his thoughts on the day and the season ahead.

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Gatedrop: Glenn, it was a very very good day for you, you must be happy with how everything went for you today at Hawkstone?

Glenn Coldenhoff: It was a great day. It started off good, I pulled three holeshots so that makes my life a lot easier. I was a bit surprised that I was running the pace you know. Of course, I like Hawkstone and especially the conditions we had today, they are one of my favourites.

Anyway, it was very good for me today I think. I was three times second, in the first moto I had a good battle with Max, the second one with Jeffrey and in the third one again. It was a good day I will say.

Gatedrop: I have to say I was a little worried for you last weekend in Italy, you were quite a bit off the pace but you stepped it up here at Hawkstone. Did you change anything up during the week to help you prepare for this week?

Glenn Coldenhoff: Yeah, sure. I’ve been turning a lot of laps in together with Jeffrey and especially last week. During this winter time we have been together in Spain and I think that helps him, of course it helps me as well. It’s been a good winter.

Gatedrop: I mean it’s an International race and not a World Championship, how hard would you say you were pushing today, where you on the limit or did you have more to give?

Glenn Coldenhoff: You know, I think every single race you do, you are pushing on a decent level I think. I was just riding my pace and I know my limit very well, I tried to go a few times above my limit but you know, to beat Jeffrey you have to be really strong. In the end he was just stronger and like I’ve said before, he’s a three times world champ for a reason and I think the fastest man in the sand so I can’t really complain.

Gatedrop:  When you were at the front today, did you get nervous at all because you’re not really used to leading?

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Glenn Coldenhoff: Exactly. In the first moto I was straight into second after the holeshot so that was a lot easier I would say. In the second moto I did get a little bit nervous, especially when you have that guy behind you! He was pushing so hard and you do get nervous about that, I did go above my limit a little bit and then start to make mistakes but at one point you can’t hold on anymore. When he passed me I tried to follow and that’s what I did so overall it was a good day of practice I think.

Gatedrop: You have changed awning for the season ahead so you’ll be with Herlings and Jonass as appose to the Cairoli and De Carli set up. What’s your thoughts on the awning change?

Glenn Coldenhoff:  I think that it’s not really something different for me. I’m still working with the KTM guys and I like the Italian’s, I still do like the Italians now. I have a little bit more time to do now with the Austrian side but other than that I’m racing with the same team but just in different gear.

Gatedrop: You have a race in France this weekend, I’m sure it will be nice for you to get a little bit of hard pack practice in before the MXGP season gets underway?

Glenn Coldenhoff: Exactly. I think that will be another good race for us. We hope that we can do the same there.

Gatedrop:  Just on the MXGP World Championship, what’s your expectations for the season ahead?

Glenn Coldenhoff: Expectations are always really difficult. My goal is to finish in the top five but I think that’s a tough goal. I like to put it high and just try to make it happen you know. Like I said, it’s a tough class and I feel that there are a lot of guys on the same level were I’m also at. Hopefully I can be more on the podium than I did last year. Last year I got on the podium twice so hopefully I can get more and get close to the top five, that’s really important for me.

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Pic: Scott Dunne