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Dustin Pipes speaks out against Vince Friese

Dustin Pipes speaks out against Vince Friese
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It was a wild night of racing at the second round of the WSX series with Vince Friese in the thick of the action. The American put in hard passes and moves but then in the last main event went off track after Joey Savatgy passed him cleanly and still stayed ahead in the lead.

Dustin Pipes who runs the HEP Motorsport Suzuki team, who is hoping Ken Roczen can win the title for a second year in a row has spoken out against Vince Friese. Roczen was battling with Friese in the first main event of the night but crashed around the last corner leaving him in pain the rest of the night.

Pipes posted the following message on social media:

“I have a lot of respect for what Mike Genova and Tony Alessi have built Motoconcepts into. They’ve won races, had multiple podiums, build great bikes, have a clean look, and a great staff. It takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and money to achieve those things. But it’s disappointing they continue to support and defend Vince Friese. He doesn’t race safely and he hasn’t for 15 years. He routinely puts his other competitors in unnecessary harm and is a danger to everyone he’s racing. Take outs, track cutting, cross jumping, brake checking, swerving in straight aways- just a normal night for Friese tonight. Enough is enough”. 

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