Webb on that gesture to Sexton – it maybe worked!

Cooper Webb said he wanted to mess with Chase Sexton after point back at him in his patented gun gesture he has used before. This time though, Webb had won the heat after a bad qualifying session but Chase did catch Webb after a bad start, so you have to wonder what Chase was thinking when he saw it!

Webb said in the press conference: “Yeah man it felt good! I haven’t won a heat race all year and Chase is really good in those. It was a cool deal and it was one of those things to maybe get him out of whack and to lose focus….seems like it maybe worked.”

Webb said of his day and struggling in qualifying: ” I didn’t gel well with the track in practice at all. I knew it was tough. In terms of the night show it’s time to step up. I definitely didn’t put myself in a good position. Even though normally the heat races don’t mean a whole lot, this [the win] definitely gave me the spark to know we’re in it. That was good. I knew the track is going to break down and that’s usually something I excel at, so I didn’t lose too much faith in it, but, yeah, I was really off in practice, just couldn’t find a flow and really struggled all day, every session. So it was definitely good to bounce back and if you had told me this morning I’d be on the podium, I would have been quite happy. To be able to fight like that to P2, and stay in the fight, was awesome.

As we have seen before Webb has no problem playing mind games and doing it publicly, making the last six rounds even mor fascinating being tied on points with Tomac – will Eli be next on his list?!

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Webb says he is enjoying the battle between the pair as they both bid to win their third 450 supercross title: “We both have two and that’s an amazing. It’s kinda weird, but this is the first year we’ve really went head-to-head. I think that’s what everyone hopes for. It definitely is what we work for every day, and it’s the ultimate goal. After you win a series, it’s an addicting feeling. To have a third would be an amazing feeling and that’s what we keep striving for.”

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