Video: Stewart on the Lawrence/McAdoo clash

James Stewart gives his view on the Lawrence/McAdoo incident that saw both go down hard in the heat race.

The two riders themselves gave their view in the press conference saying:

Jett said: It was defintitely a wild heat race but thankfully we are both okay. I landed on his bike and clipped his footpeg with my butt cheek, thankfully it didn’t go anywhere else! The bikes were pretty banged up.

McAdoo said: “For the most part I was pretty good. I hit my chin pretty decent and banged up one of my fingers, I don’t know how bad it is, super swollen. Obviously just a bummer situation what happened. I thought I had the room to go three on off and I didn’t, clearly, we came together. The reason i made the decision to go thre eonw as because I knew he wasn’t going to come all the way back to the left, I knew he was going to double on and go straight so, he was more to theleft than I expected. Hindsight, I probably hit my brakes. It was what i felt like, a racing incident.

Jett replied: “I thought you were to the right of me, because I heard you behind me, when we made contact you scared the living crap out of me.”