Video: Vialle on AMA v MXGP

Josh Mosiman caught up with Tom Vialle to talk bout the switch from the world motocross championship to America and racing US SX and MX:

“We only ride two 15 minutes practice (in USA) so especially first moto you don’t even know which line is better or not so you have to try them during the moto. In GP you ride a lot before the first moto, so when you go to the first moto you know exactly where you got to go, that’s the main difference I think. When you go to the first moto, you know everything and you are set up with the bike.”

On the bike differences from his GP bike, Vialle said: “Little bit difference, the frame is the same. It’s not a big change, a little bit difference engine, they have different fuel and a little bit suspension, in Europe we ride with air fork but we cannot ride it here, because they don’t sell it here.”

The Frenchman has went 7-3 in both the first two rounds, underlining his comments that he hasn’t the lines or bike set-up in moto one but by moto two he is on the pace of the leaders.

On why he went to America, Vialle, who would have hade to move to the MXGP class in 2023 after his two MX2 world titles and had a factory KTM contract to do it, said: “I’m 22, I said I am not going to ride for ten more years on the same tracks, I want to try somehting new, that’s why I went to supercross here in America, you can ride supercross and motocross in the same year, it’s pretty cool!”

Image: Align