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Video: Roczen on Abu Dhabi WSX and Vince Friese

Video: Roczen on Abu Dhabi WSX and Vince Friese
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Ken Roczen has had his say on a unique Arenacross style track and many other things in Abu Dhabi with Vital MX.

“Me going down there, I really tucked the front end, I must have squeezed my foot somewhere, my metatarsal, it started swelling up in the boot, I thought for sure it was broken, it took me a lot to line up for the second one.”

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“When you hear how mad people are about Friese and his style of racing, we are all good with hard racing and bar banging but at some point, shit, there is a fricken limit.”

Listen to the full interview below as Roczen talks to Lewis Phillips about jet lag, coming through the field, the crash in Abu Dhabi, the track and that man Friese…

Image: WSX

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