Musquin racing the 250 at Pala ahead of the MXoN

Marvin Musuin will race in the 250 class at Pala this weekend to get ready for the MXoN at Red Bud according to Steve Matthes.

Marvin got the call from team France after their first choice MX2 riders, Vialle and Benistant pulled out. “I’m here just to have some seat time on the 250,” Musquin told Donn Maeda a couple of days ago. “I have a couple more weeks to get used to it and hopefully be close to 100% for the MXoN. It feels good, it sounds good, I wish I had more power but it;s fun, you gotta rev it, I gotta get used to it, the riding style is different I have to push harder, scrub harder. The heart rate feels higher!”

Marvin Musquin on getting back on a 250 for the MXoN and his 2023 contract that will see him back behind the supercross gate again next year on KTM:

See Marvin in action on the 250 below:

Image: Cudby