Video: Ryan Hughes – one year on from breaking his neck

“I would have to say it’s one of the most life changing things I’ve gone through. I’ve gone through retirement, financial stuff, marriage, injuries, alot of different things, but this one stood out the most because before when I got hurt I could always go back to riding a motorcycle, when you lose something you could go back to ride a motorycle, divorce, go back to riding motorcycle.

“This one, I can ride motocross but I shouldn’t. A couple of reasons why 1. I don’t want ever want to experience that again. 2. I have to have respect for my family, they have to go through it too. The situation I was in, in the beginning it was like I took a walk through hell, it was like I was in a different place when I was healing and it wasn’t a good place.”

A philosophical Ryan Hughes reflects on a living in the valley after a tough year recovering from a broken neck and coming to terms with not riding motocross anymore.