Video: Ken Roczen interview – Covid vaccination and bike set-up

Ken Roczen spoke to Steve Matthes on a number of issues including the Covid testing, potential of fake vaccine cards amongst riders and what he wants to feel on the bike for a 20 minute 450 main event.

“If my bike feels compliant over a 20 minute main that is what you need, because even if you aren’t the fastest you grow with the track. That compliance, when the track is that beat up, trust me, a rigid, stiff bike ain’t going to work, you need to be able to ride it the whole main event, that’s what I’m striving for every time.” I feel like me coming from Europe too, I need to set my bike up way different…. If there is something that maybe used to work for Ricky or whatever, I’m like, ‘I can’t ride this thing to save my life,’ I just have my ways to go about this, it’s just embedded in my brain. With a lot of things in my life, I’m a perfectionist, the same with riding. I try to be perfect in everything,” explained the German.

On the vaccination situation Roczen, who isn’t vaccinated and needs tested every week, said: “If I can get Covid, sit out a race and it ruins my championship, then there are other people who have fake cards and get Covid but it doesn’t matter because they don’t get tested, so it doesn’t matter. All I want is an even playing field. If there is fake sh*t going on, and people trying to weasel their way through, there is a simple solution for that, there is and antibody test where you can see if you have antibodies and you can also see if you are vaccinated, problem solved make everybody go through this one time and you have your answers.”

For more from Roczen and the interview with Steve Matthes, including how little prep he had in December, watch below:

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.