Video: Justin Cooper rules himself OUT of 2023 MXoN in France!

He was key to the 2022 home MXoN win at Red Bud, but Justin Cooper has already stepped aside for the 2023 MXON in France – so should teammate Deegan take his place despite RJ Hampshire desperate to go? Maybe Deegan could go on a 250 and Hampshire 450?

“I think I’ve got something going on…” said Cooper of 2024 in conversation with Steve Matthes on the Pulp MX show, while on the MXoN, Cooper said: “Getting married. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, maybe I’ll do a post about it. It’s 50/50, some people get it some people are like, ‘you are getting married?’ That’s so stupid.”

Matthes said: “Tomac told me it’s 20 grand out of his pocket to go to MXDN in Europe”..more here: