Video: Jett Lawrence aggressive pass on Jason Anderson

He had a title on the line but Jett Lawrence felt he still had to stand up for brother Hunter Lawrence after seeing Anderson put him on the deck by putting a hard pass on Jason Anderson – but Anderson stayed up! Shortly after Jett made a big mistake, nearly going off track and then settled down allowing Anderson and others by as he settled for seventh and the 450 AMA supercross title, leaving revenge for another day.

It led Ryan Villopoto to say, “It was a ballsy move in a championship state that night!”

Here is how is all unfolded:

Anderson did this…

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Before Jett responded with this…

And then Hunter retaliated like this while being lapped…

Anderson said on Instagram: “Was trying to go 2 for 2 on helmet grabs last night. But on the real people / fans of our sport be hating so hard on my character based off of the 20 minute dirtbike race. Could give you more insight to my life and more interviews to persuade you I’m a good person but f**k that,, that ain’t me.

“On the track I try my hardest and i don’t take sh*t from nobody so if the sport needs a villain then f**k it I’ll play that character. But for me I leave the race with close ones crush some beers get a little fried to celebrate a healthy season and the successes we had! For the supporters you know who you are no tag needed.”

While Jett said in the press conference: “I think he (Anderson) just forgot that there were two Lawrences out there, and he did that (knocked down Hunter) right in front of the other Lawrence. Yeah, guys like them, they need a hit in the mouth sometimes. Yeah but thankfully the mistake, it kind of worked out. At first it was like, “Oh no, a mistake.” But then it was like…. (he gestures toward waving Anderson by him) so it kind of helped me get my stuff rocked. It is what it is.”

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