Interview: Trey Cox – young South African to race selected EMX125 rounds

Image: Ruben Louw Photography | Interview: Andy McKinstry

There’s a new name on the EMX125 entry list this weekend as the series heads to Saint Jean d’Angely in France. But not only that, Try Cox from South Africa will be coming back in August to contest the rounds in Arnhem (Netherlands) and Frauenfeld (Switzerland).

Cox is a name that’s been in the GP paddock before as Bradley Cox (Trey’s brother) has experience contesting EMX events in the past. Try is now following in his footsteps and no doubt will also look up to Camden McLellan, Calvin Vlaanderen and even Tristan Purdon who are all currently racing at a high level.

We caught up with Cox before his EMX125 debut this weekend…

On his plans to do EMX125 rounds… 

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“In 2022, I came for the first time to come to Europe to race. I did the Junior World Championship on an 85cc. I also did an ADAC round in Germany. Last year the plan was to come over and do a few EMX rounds and that. My year got cut pretty short as I dislocated both my shoulders. It put a holt to racing for around eighth months with the recovery and all that.

To come this year, I have been working really hard and feeling really good. I have got a really good base here in Germany with Bert Von Zitzewitz from BVZ Motosport. He gives me a bike and then my base in Netherlands is VD Velden run by Bart Van Der Velden and my mechanic Leon van Bakel. They help me a lot because they have a dealership, they help me with spare parts and everything. My brother is a rally rider for Bart van Der Velden rally team, Bas World KTM Team and he is here helping me and guiding me through this whole experience”.

On his expectations for EMX125…

“My expectations for these EMX rounds, to qualify. Obviously I have never done one so to qualify would be really cool. I do believe I have the speed to do it and if I do qualify for the first one just to score points in both moto’s, try to be consistent. The future goals, I think this will be my last year on the 125cc because I am only 15 but I am a bit big, tall and heavy for a 125cc”

On his plans for the future… 

“EMX250 next year would be the goal. Obviously to get a 250cc ride for EMX or ADAC or whatever, would be really cool. It would help a lot financially because coming from South Africa, it is quite expensive, you have to times everything by 20. It is quite expensive for us but we have a good base and a lot of help from sponsors and that, so it really helps”.

Image: Ruben Louw Photography

On his interest in EMX and GP’s…

“I do watch MXGP and that every weekend. I really do love the racing in Europe, even more than Supercross. I don’t know, I always have… the dream is to become an MX2 GP racer or an MXGP racer. I think that is everyone’s dream that comes into this. I hope I can make it work out”.

I would like to thank ASP Rope Access, BVZ Motosport, VD Velden Motoren, Putoline, Twinair, TRP Distributors, Weber – Werke, Bell Helmets and Bas World. They give me all the support to be here so it’s a big help. It wouldn’t be possible without any of them.