Tortelli on the Stark Varg

Sebastien Tortelli has been testing the Stark Varg in preparation for it’s big reveal this year and the former two time world champion says the machine is very versatile and makes riding easier!

“The advantage with phone is you can have it more two stroke or more four stroke,” enthused Sebastien. “The bike will come with five set-ups, all integrated with the bike, and then have more options. If you want to ride a two stroke you can have the bike with no engine braking or you can have a bike with the engine break and the torque of a four stroke also. It’s pretty unbelievable with the electric and the phone you can create your own power curve.

“Somebody that doesn’t know how to ride can have a really mellos curve. Then a pro guy can jump on it with a swipe on the phone can change the curve for him.

“For a hobby rider it’s easier, you don’t have gears, you are always in the right run and you can focus more on your riding. “

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Get the full interview with Seb as he talks about his involvement with the Stark Varg, his first world title, that epic battle with Everts in 98 and that Greece finale, his 250 supercross win in the USA and his return to GPs in 2006 here on iTunes or Spotify and YouTube below: