Tomac on his win in Texas and his up and down season

Eli Tomac didn’t crash in Arlington Texas on Saturday night- so he won!

That has been the mantra for Eli during a somewhat hot and cold season so far, win or crash seems to be the order of the day even if the last two crashes in the previous main events were out of his control.

Tomac,  despite three main events wins is only tenth in the standings and a huge 70 points behind championship leader Anderson but the Kawasaki man admitted he was just glad to be back out front. “It was a night of good starts and being consistent after that. Those starts put us out front in clean air,” said a relieved Tomac after his win to the media. “After the third qualifying session we found are pace and were just feeling it all day.”

“The whoops were the area tonight, all day they were really slick and it was tough to get the right flow through them. There are certain events where you get the good vibes and certain places you don’t. this place has been not good for me and it’s great to change that.”

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On his up and down season Tomac said it was frustrating but you have to keep looking forward. “Just not change anything,” explained Eli on how he apporaches things after a race doesn’t go to plan. “It’s just racing dirt bikes and it’s crazy you know? When you go off the line with 20 other guys things happen like last week, all you can do is look forward to next week.”

“It totally sucks just because of the amount of time you put into it, we all put in that work. It’s tough when you put in three months or whatever it is and you have your hopes high and then all of a sudden you are 70 points down out of the lead. It’s a place I never want to be in but here we are and at least we are back to winning races.

“Those crashes and situations have been weird, last week was pretty freak too the way my bike got tangled up into my teammates. In supercross racing crazy things happen. I was thinking the other day we ride at the test track in Corona for two months and I literally had one crash there the entire time and then you go to the race and you wad it up, you can be on this high and then all of a sudden you come crashing down, you just have to keep your head up.”

While Tomac is still looking for a miracle to get back into title contention the Kawasaki man has shown that when he doesn’t go down he still might be the fastest man in the class, a bit like former Kawasaki rider, James Stewart, who used to have a win or crash streak of his own.

Stewart though, still managed to grab two AMA 450 supercross titles plus a world supercross championship, something Eli is still striving for despite his scintillating speed.