Tomac on Herlings and Cairoli maybe riding the US Motocross series

After his second place in Atlanta and the chance to wrap the 2022 supercross title up next weekend in Foxborough, we asked Eli Tomac in the press conference if his thoughts are turning towards outdoors and full field of fit-again factory riders, plus the prospect of Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Carioli maybe coming over.

“Of course I’m focused on supercross and want to keep plugging along with what we have going on,” said Eli. “And then for those two guys, if they came over, it’s going to be awesome competition you know? All I can say it will be a lot of competition, a lot of new tracks for them, but they are obviosuly really fast – I am sure we will have a lot of great battles if they do come over.”

And on getting to ride the Star Yamaha outdoors after looking so good on it indoors? “I am really excited to give her the test in the outdoors, I really think it will shine in motocross, I’m excited,” acknowledged Tomac.

An Eli Tomac this confident might just be the early favourite for the 2022 AMA 450 motocross title even if he doesn’t have the number one plate…

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Feld Entertainment