Tomac and Ferrandis talk ahead of 2022 supercross – positive

Eli Tomac is enjoying his change of scenery and riding with more people at Star Racing Yamaha as the former supercross champ searches for his second supercross crown after ending his long stint on Kawasaki.

“Everything is different,” said Tomac at the press conference. “Scenery is different, change in the color of the fender on the motorcycle. We’ve been everywhere. We’ve been in Florida, I initially started in Colorado, and now I’m in California. It’s been really fun. I’ve been riding with a group of guys most of that time. It’s been a nice change. Before I think I might have isolated myself a little too much, or maybe now that I’m doing something different it just feels better, and it’s refreshing that way. It’s good—my focus was to get this thing dialed in and come in healthy, and we did that.”

Meanwhile, 450 outdoor champion, Dylan Ferrandis, says his winter had been good with the Frenchman enjoying the move to Ricky Carmichael’s old stomping ground purchased by Star as well as getting to ride with new teammate, Eli Tomac.

“The place is amazing. When I was a kid I was watching video of RC riding there. Everyone has always dreamed to ride at a place like this,” admitted Ferrandis. “Since the team moved there it’s a good day every day. The dirt is really good and the facility is on the site, we have everything. We just had a really good winter. Eli was there for a few weeks and we trained a little bit together. He’s always an animal on the track and really fast and strong so it was really good to have him with us. Yeah, a great winter.”

Image: Yamaha

Article: Jonathan McCready