Results: 450 AMA Motocross High Point

Image: Pro Motocross

Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence battled all the way to the end with Jett edging his brother for the win. The duo used the feet on the pegs and high gear techniques made famous by Stefan Everts to put 30 seconds on the rest of the field on the rutted circuit

Sexton was third within five minutes and had the Lawrences in sight, but just couldn’t go the pace of the Aussie brothers. The rest have work to do and speed to find!

Jett Lawrence took the win again but only after being pushed hard by Chase Sexton but Sexton after a great battle went down while leading but Jett had kept the pressure on and it he took advantage of Sexton’s mistake to go 1-1.

Sexton put in a flurry at the end to hold of Hunter and close in on Jett, but, as usual Jett did enough to get the win. Whatever they throw at him, Jett just finds a way to come out on top. – even when early race leader took Jett wide to allow Sexton into the lead from third!

Jett said: “Chase had some good lines, it was a bummer seeing him go down, that was his race for sure. He was ripping and had some better lines, I didn’t feel as good, my shoulder kind of fatigued a bit more today, we are struggling a little bit there. A little bit of lady luck, it’s unto the break and it’s much needed.”

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