Raths Motorsport close their doors

The Raths KTM Motorsport team have announced that they have made the tough decision to close their doors after a good 2022 season. The team had a great season winning the ADAC Youngsters Cup title with Guillem Farres and also had good results in the MX2 GP’s with Jeremy Sydow.

Team owner, Niklas Raths has decided he needs to focus on full-time employment again and as a result his team won’t be in the paddock in 2023 – they will be missed.

“We announce today that after such a great season we will be closing the doors in 2022 . The reason for this is that team leader Niklas Raths will have to switch to full-time employment again next year. He works for a large energy company and as everyone knows our current energy situation is anything but good so every employee is needed there right now. We would like to thank all the sponsors, helpers and families that have supported us over the years!!! Without you all this wouldn’t have been possible”, the team stated on social media.