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Race report: Paris supercross night two – Jett is King!

Race report: Paris supercross night two – Jett is King!
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Jett Lawrence won the King of Paris trophy but almost didn’t win a race on a tough night two! A bad start in the opening moto tonight saw him have to work through the pack, passing Ken Roczen with a couple of laps to go then having try his luck again with race leader, Hunter Lawrence, in the final turn of the final lap but, this time, Hunter learnt from night one and brake checked Jett protecting his line to take his first 450 supercross win.

Race two and Ken Roczen, making good on his promise to ride better on night two, had checked out by the time Jett passed Hunter for the runner-up spot leaving all the drama for race three!

Roczen quickly got himself into the lead after a slick first turn saw him take the lead when Hunter bobbled into the first rhythm. With Ken checking out, Jett was getting impatient sitting behind Hunter. He went for the block pass move at the end of the whoops but tagged Hunter, who went high on the berm and went down!

Jett even slowed down on the way out and looked back in guilty disbelief as his older brother picked himself up!

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But then Jett quickly looked ahead and started to hunt Roczen down. Roczen had a seven second lead after all that drama, Jett got it down to five seconds, but Roczen still looked in control until he slid out and gifted Jett the lead! Unbelievably, Roczen then crashed again after picking himself back up in fourth, as Jett controlled the race after his gift with his two closest rivals having to pick themselves up off the floor.

Cooper Webb took advantage of all the carnage to take second in the final moto and make the overall podium as Jett immediately apologised to Hunter when they came off the track saying his momentum carried him into the turn too far, Hunter didn’t look massively happy with Jett’s rare error – but Jett was equally unhappy with himself on the move.

A few minutes later however, both riders were all smiles with Jett on top of the podium and Hunter still securing third overall as he charged back to third in the moto – a Lawrence 1-2 after all the drama!


Jo Shimoda took the overall win and the Prince of Paris going 1-3-1 on night two with Bourdon taking the second moto win after a bad start by Shimoda and Bourdon passing Vialle on the last lap for a great victory – unless your name is Tom Vialle.

Jo Shimoda dominated race three ahead of Vialle who was again fast everywhere except those pesky whoops. It put Vialle second overall behind Shimoda with Bourdon a brilliant third.

Report: Jonathan McCready

Image: Honda

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