Quick thoughts: Lommel MXGP – brutal

A different layout but the same brutality on maybe the toughest track in the world produced another weekend of the best riders on the planet showing their mind boggling sand skills.

When the riders say it’s rough, you know it is rough and even on Saturday the holes were huge. It’s like riding on a beach with the corners changing shape with every rider that powers through. Even under foot the sand moves!

Jago Geerts however, didn’t seem to have a single problem, leading every lap in all three motos and admitting to us he had more if needed. Geerts was class, made it look easy and is now only 13 points off Adamo in the title chase. Read our interview with Jago here.

Frustratingly for Adamo a really strong weekend came to nothing after that costly second moto crash while second, another left him 13th and a big points problem. But, until then, Adamo was very, very competitive and a podium wasn’t out of reach, he has made some big gains this year in the sand.

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Lucas Coenen continues to impress not just with speed but also decision making. His home GP with Geerts out front, it would be easy to override but he didn’t. Again in race two he rode smart to come through the pack to get back to second, never losing his composure or his flow. Another great ride and Lucas has zero inferiority complex, admitting to us he feels it is normal to ge this good at 16 because Herlings/Prado/Roczen have done it before!

Romain Febvre rode like he was born in Lommel. His second moto ride from 20th to second is one of the most impressive of his career, the speed, the flow and the fitness all aligned and Febvre showed how fast he can really go in the soft stuff. His development in the sand deserves huge respect. And that win might add more bargaining power as he discusses with teams where to go in 2024!

Jorge Prado was suffering with Covid a year ago, one year later he wins the final moto of the weekend with the track at it’s roughest. He also put in his fastest lap of the first moto on the last lap, going 5 seconds faster that lap than Vlaanderen and putting the pass on Calvin for a crucial third.

Prado is so smooth even on the roughest of tracks that, like Jett, is a joy to watch ride a dirt bike. The precision is surgical and he is in full control of this championship. Febvre has won the last four GPs but Prado has hardly lost any points to his rival! The joy on Prado’s face as his dad walked in behind the podium showed how much that moto win meant after what happened last year and for the championship. We spoke with him here.

Glenn Coldenhoff won the qualifying race and was right there in both motos, good enough for a podium but the win wasn’t far away, with Glenn admitting after he really wants a win before the year is out, he was really good in Lommel and that win might just happen soon.

With Finland next the riders don’t get much of a break before another tough track, but Lommel is a crown jewel now in the MXGP calendar and the sand track all others are measured by. If you win there it is a victory to be treasured.

Words: Jonathan McCready

Image: InFront Moto Racing