Interview: Jago Geerts – MX2 GP winner at Lommel

Just six or so weeks after breaking his wrist and missing two GP rounds, Jago Geerts dominated at Lommel and is now only 13 points behind championship leader, Andrea Adamo. The world title is back on and we caught up with the tough Belgian to get his thoughts on a perfect weekend and recovering from a broken wrist so quickly – plus moving to the 450 next season!

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Jago, really impressive weekend, probably what you dreamed of, three wins and right back in this championship hunt, how do you sum it all up?

It feels really good to win the three motos. I felt really good on the track the whole weekend and three good starts made it a lot easier. I led every lap of all the races, really positive. Also for the championship, I think it’s on 14 (13) points or something so it’s getting closer, it should be good.

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You made it look easy on a brutal track, it looked like you had more left if you needed it, did you feel that way?

Yeah, I just rode my pace that I knew I could hold the whole moto but it was not that I was pushing 100%, because it’s such a brutal track and i didn’t want to make any mistakes so just kept it smooth and controlled.

It’s about six weeks I think since you broke you wrist, did you think you would be back this quickly and in the title chase?

For sure not! The recovery from the wrist went a lot quicker than expected after three weeks I rode in Germany and got some good points already there. After that, it was trying to get the feeling back on the bike and it came quite quick. In Indonesia, I got my first win already so in the end it worked out really well but it could also have gone in a different direction.

Did you get surgery on the wrist and how was the rehab? Anyone who has broken their wrist knows it can be painful just getting movement back!

I got surgery on Wednesday after France. The rehab went well for me, the mobility was quite good after the first week, that’s why I went to physio every day to make sure the wrist wasn’t getting sore. In the end it worked out really well to get surgery.

Was it sore during the first couple of GPs back?

Yeah, in Germany it wasn’t perfect and it still was a little bit painful to ride for sure on the braking bumps and the jumps, but I managed to ride at 50/60% and get some points. After that the week after, I got a scan and the bone was healed 100% so after that I could just do my thing, it was still a little bit painful but I knew I could just do me thing, and go all out.

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And you have no pain now?

No, I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t need to think about my wrist anymore and do my thing on the track.

With how last year ended and then when you broke your wrist, how was your mindset after that happened? You must have been pretty devastated because you were in control of the championship at that point.

Yeah it was not a good moment. But i tried to keep positive and get back as soon as possible. In France we didn’t know if I needed surgery or not, it was still a little bit unknown but my goal always was to start again in Germany and we made it.

Do you feel you are back to the level before the injury?

I think I am quite close to 100% now. I am feeling good physically and on the bike so it’s good to be back100%.

Adamo crashed a couple of times in that second moto there and you lapped him at the end. It looked like you made sure you lapped him, did you see him or was it just a coincidence?!

Yeah, I saw him in the waves and I saw he was going to get lapped, but before that I didn’t know what place he was running.

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Finally, your 450 debut at Red Bud went really well, you were the story there and I think Americans know your name now! Ernee I imagine you will probably ride a 450 from then on, are you looking forward to riding the big bike – you only have about two months left on a 250!

Yeah for sure I am looking forward to riding a 450. I really like the bike, as you saw in Red Bud last year, it suits me well. I think it will be nice to have a change again and go from the 250 for the 450 and we will see how it goes next season.

You aren’t riding it in the week at the minute? Or waiting until close to the Nations?

I think if they choose me for the 450 for the Nations I will ride it for the two weeks before.

Jett Lawrence has adapted really well, both of you were stand out at Red Bud moving up a class,what are your thoughts on him and your style is smooth like his, could you guys have a MXoN rivalry for the next few years?!

Yeah probably! He is really fast at the moment, I don’t think he has lost a moto. Difficult to compare but we will see in France. For sure he will be fast.

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