McElrath still hoping he can ride Houston!

Despite separating his shoulder a couple of weeks ago, 450 rookie, Shane McElrath, is still hoping he can race Houston this weekend even if he hasn’t been back on the bike yet!

The MCR Honda rider said in the press conference: “We are still doing everything we can, that’s kind of the hardest thing right now. Doc G told me to let pain be my guide, if I can deal with some pain, but without strength there, that’s kind of the hard part. I am going to be at the first round and wait to see how I feel there and if I can do something. Right now, it’s just a day by day basis and just really being on the bicycle every day – that’s about the only thing I can do so far. We are going to be out there as quick as I can, but whether that’s the first round or another Houston round or what, we are doing what we can.

He is also trying to keep the same mindset he had in the 250 class, but acknowledges the 450 class in a step up – but one that he is excited to get competing in: “For me the job stays the same, it is definitely harder to see where myself and the other rookies might fall in. For myself it’s still the same mentality as the 250 class, we all want to win, I am a super-competitive person. It’s going to be a big year of just learning. I mean, in the 250 class I could kind of expect myself to be at the front, I could expect myself to get good starts, I could kind of know I should be pretty good if I can stay away from some mistakes.

“Going to the 450 class there are some guys there I have never raced and some it’s been a long time since I race. I have definitely been able to study the class a lot over the last ten years but it’s a big undertaking to step-up to the 450 nonetheless. I am excited about it and I think I fit the 450 really well and I think even with the short off season I have really adapted well to it. I am super excited to get to race, to mix it up and to be competitive. I think that’s what the 450 class is about, every guy in there is really good, it’s just about being able to put yourself in the position to have a good finish and I’m excited to race all those guys. It’s a big challenge but it’s one I am ready to face.”

Article: Jonathan McCready