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Marcel Stauffer badly injured

Marcel Stauffer badly injured
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Marcel Stauffer had been badly injured while riding on Italy, breaking his C1 C2 and T5 vertebrae and has already been in hospital for a week in immense pain.

Marcel said on Instagram: “HARD SOMETIMES Seven days post injury – definitely one of the toughest phases I’ve ever had in my life. Being in a hospital of another country, nights with enormous pain and a heavy breathing, the uncertainty, whether my life will ever be the same again or if this will be my last hard breath, as soon as I close my eyes for the night. Last week I had a crash in Italy, that caused me a pretty complicated fracture of my C1 and C2 vertebrae and furthermore I broke my T5 vertebrae. Fortunately I never lost the feeling to my extremities, but I knew from the first second after the crash, that something isn’t right. Due to a big hematoma between my vertebrae and my tracheae I could barely breathe the first days, which made it hard to communicate in any way and even worse, it incredibly scared me. The feeling you get in a foreign country, facing this unknown pain and not being able to breath normal gave me a type of fear that I’ve never felt before. I am extremely thankful for the support of @ktmfactoryracing , @ktm_official and everyone who was involved for talking care of the transport back to Austria. In addition I want to thank @toto_794 and @simonbreitfuss372 for staying with me and helping me wherever they could! Honestly, I don’t know whether I should cry or smile these days. Every single movement is a challenge at the moment. I have no guaranty that I’ll ever get back to my 100%, that I’ll be able to enjoy my life like I did before or if I ever swing myself back on a bike, but all of this isn’t priority, because I still have the chance to be alive and enjoy the company of family, friends and beloved ones. I appreciate every day that I can be here, I’m grateful for every step in the right direction and take this path wherever it will lead me to – as soon as I reached the end of the path, I WILL CALL IT GOAL!”

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