Lorenzo Locurcio on his 2021 MXGP deal

After racing the EMX250 championship last year for BUD Racing, it’s been confirmed that Lorenzo Locurcio will be staying in the GP paddock for the 2021 season after inking a deal with the JD Gunnex KTM team to contest MXGP. 

At the end of last year, Locurcio contacted a number of teams in America as well as the GP paddock but faced an uncertain future but in December he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. 

“In around December I heard back from the team I am riding for now and the offer was too good to turn down I love racing in Europe and all the experiences I got to live last year made me not think about it twice and sign the deal. I was very thankful for all the sponsors who came on board to help my own program but with COVID-19 a lot of companies didn’t have parts or budget. It was getting tough to put a solid program but luckily when it came time to speak to each sponsor who committed to me they were understandable about the situation and about this opportunity of a lifetime and gave me the green light to join this program I’m on now”, Locurcio told DailyMX.

Locurcio has got some 450cc experience as he contested the AMA National 450 class in the past but it’s been a while since he’s rode one. He does feel the bigger bike suits him though and is looking forward to contesting the MXGP World Championship in 2021. 

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” I haven’t ridden a 450 in a long time but my riding style suits the bike and was able to adapt to my new bike quickly. We just came back from 3 week training at Spain. I’ve not done much testing yet but already feeling good, got a bit of time still before first GP to really elevate my level and turn some heads. I’m confident in my abilities but I also know I’m racing a bunch of badass riders who have way more experience than me so I’m taking this year to learn and improve as much as I can but at the same time put results to hopefully keep me in the paddock for years to come”, added Locurcio.

When it comes to expectations for the 2021 season, Locurcio just wants to ride the best of his ability so he can hopefully stay in the paddock for the future. 

“When this opportunity arrived I knew it’s a huge gamble as I’ve had no previous experience in the world championship so my goal for this season is to show everyone I belong in the class and to repay my team for their trust and for giving me this opportunity with good results. The team and I have a goal but I rather keep it to myself and keep working towards it, it’s a long season, I just want to ride to the best of my abilities and be there each moto and let my riding do the talking”. Locurcio concluded.

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See Locurcio on the JD Gunnex KTM, below: