Josiah Natzke heading to America – will contest some AMA Nationals

It wasn’t that long ago Josiah Natzke was a very promising rider racing the EMX championships but his career didn’t go to plan and has been racing back home the past few years.

However, the good news is that Natzke has revealed that he will be heading to America this year to contest selected AMA National events – it’ll be nice to see him race at a high level again.

“So this is happening, heading to California for a few months before doing a few rounds of the outdoor series. It’s always been a dream of mine to race there so I’m doing everything to give myself that opportunity. The process of organising everything has been a massive challenge but everyday I’m getting closer to dream. Couldn’t do it without the support of a few epic humans and companies helping me in different areas to make my dream reality and see where things go from there”, Natzke stated on social media.