Interview: Wal Beaney

With the 2017 Thor British Youth National Championship coming to a close for this year within the next couple of weeks, we caught up with current 65cc British Championship leader Wal Beaney as we head to the final rounds at Landrake & Pontrilas.

Wal is currently leading the Junior 65cc British Championship with a 75 point lead ahead of Ollie Colmer and has won 13 out of 20 races this season so far. Wal recently made the trip over to Estonia to represent Team GB at the 2017 World Junior Motocross World Championship, where we saw the 65cc young-gun clinch seventh overall against the best juniors on the planet.

Round 4 saw you walk away with the overall for the weekend. How do you feel after Duns?
“Round 4 went well for me; I felt very good and enjoyed the track. Overall I was happy with my results.”

How do you feel this year has gone for you? What have you enjoyed the most about the championship?
“This has been the best season so far for me and I’ve really enjoyed it, which is the main thing. I’m feeling really positive and enjoyed the travelling across the country to different tracks with the championship. I am especially happy with being picked for Team GB at the World Junior Motocross Championship the other week to represent my country.”

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What has been your favourite track you have been to this year with the championship?
“My favourite track this year has been Culham. It’s a hardpack track, which is my favourite kind of ground. The track flowed well and I loved the jumps at the track as I do love to jump.”

You’re currently leading the British 65cc Class Championship, how does it feel?
“It feels great to be leading the British 65cc Championship. I give every round a 110% and try to be consistent. I am pleased to be a part of the SJP moto team and they have been a big part of my season. I have enjoyed competing with Ollie Colmer at each event as well.”

Landrake is the next stop of the Championship for the very first time, how you feeling for the event and have you done any training or practicing prior to the next round?
“I am looking forward to Landrake, I’ve raced there before so I know what to expect. In preparation to Landrake I have been racing hardpack tracks and doing a bit of physical training to keep myself fit and ready.”

Why do you enjoy racing the Thor British Youth Nationals?
“I enjoy racing in the British Youth Nationals because it’s the best national championship in the country for youth riders. The RHL team run it well and there has been lots of good tracks to race at this year.”

Lastly the most important question how did you get into motocross?
“My dad brought me a quad when I was 3-4 years old and within 10 minutes I was doing doughnuts around the field. He took me to tracks and it all started from there really. I couldn’t imagine doing any other sport, I love motocross and I have made lots of good friends along my journey.”

If you would like to see Wal and the rest of our junior 65cc riders in action then come along to Landrake Moto Parc, PL12 5EP on 19th & 20th August 2017. For more information head to

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