Interview: Tommy Searle – Desertmartin winner

It has been a tough few weeks for Tommy Searle after getting involved in the pile-up at Blaxhall at the previous round of the British championship along with some team drama in MXGP.

But things are looking up for the still very fast Englishmen. After a call to join the factory Kawasaki team for the rest of the year in MXGP, Searle took control of the British championship with a dominating 1-1 victory at Desertmartin to extend his championship lead over Shaun Simpson who suffered a double DNF.

There with just two bikes and a motorhome, Searle showed some great flow at Desertmartin, especially in race two with his corner speed very impressive as he carried some great momentum around the circuit.

It was perhaps a glimpse into what Searle is still capable of and, with a factory team around him again in the world championship, the end of the season could be a good one for a determined Searle.

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We caught up with Tommy to get his thoughts on a great day at Desertmartin on his Big Van World team green Kawasaki and his opportunity with a factory team again in MXGP.

A good day today, a double win with Simpson DNFing, it gives you an extra 50 points in the championship.

Yeah I had a good day. I always like coming to Desertmartin, today Shauns’s bike, I don’t know what happened, but he didn’t finish the races, which is obviously good for me in the championship. But at the same time I don’t really like to race like that, I liked this championship before when we were both winning, Shaun was fast today so it may have tightened up the championship for the rest of the season.

So actually it takes a bit of the fun away for me for the rest of the season, because I could play it safe. But I don’t want to do that I want to race to win each around, a little bit for the fans as well, because this year has been so good when it’s me and Shaun head-to-head each race. Shaun will come out swinging again in a couple of of weeks and so will I and we can go head to head there.

That first moto he was pushing in the lead and you were too, where you able to see his bike smoking?

I just started to knock the gap down a tiny bit then I seen it smoking. I knew before the race I had to be careful with my bike because I have had DNF’s here before.

With the track being so deep and so fast it is really heavy on the bikes this track. I knew at the beginning I was managing my bike because neither of us could afford to have a DNF. I knew what I was doing in that race, with managing the race.

Again the second race, even the first lap Shaun got the start, but I wasn’t following and getting my rads filled, so I was managing the bike this weekend and it payed off.

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In the corners it looked like you had a lot of flow, it looked like you were enjoying yourself, especially that second moto?

Yes, second moto I really, really, enjoyed the track. I rode a lot better, a lot looser and I really enjoyed it, I was taking a lot of outsides, smoother lines. I didn’t want that race to end, I was really having fun out there!

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

And your move to factory Kawasaki for the last five GPs, you must be excited with that to show what you can do?

Yeah, it’s a massive opportunity for me. Obviously I have not ridden a factory bike for years, so that will be great, I am really happy for the opportunity Kawasaki have given to me now. I fly tomorrow (Monday) to Holland and we will ride the bike on Tuesday so I’m excited for that. I just want to make the best of the rest of the season, I just want to make the most of this opportunity, I’m really looking forward to it.

Does it change your expectations because you have riding good this year but the results haven’t always reflected that?

Yeah I’ve rode good but I’ve sort of lost a bit of confidence the last few races with everything that has gone on, so I need to get that back. I’m not going to Indonesia so I have a few weeks to knuckle down and work with them, that will build my confidence back up and get a good bike and we can just finish the season really strong.

And Des Nations, any word on that yet?

No, no word at all on that yet. It is what it is the Des Nations, you have Shaun and Max who are great sand riders. I just have to work hard now. I’m not really worried about Des Nations now, those two are good in the sand but if I can have good races till then you never know.