Interview: Tim Gajser – man of the moment

There’s no doubt about it, Tim Gajser is a man on a mission right now in the MXGP World Championship. Despite a small crash in the first moto in Germany he was still able to go 1-1 yet again to win his fifth MXGP overall in a row. 

Gajser after a few difficult years is a new man in 2019 and is showing just why he’s already got 2 World Championships to his name. The HRC Honda is possibly riding the best he ever has at the moment. 

In the last 10 moto’s there’s only one that he hasn’t won which just shows his dominance in the MXGP class. 

We caught up with Gajser after round ten in Germany to discuss his season so far. 

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Gatedrop: Tim, another perfect weekend here for you in Germany. Can you talk me through your races? 

Tim Gajser: I am really happy with how the day went. In the first moto I got the holeshot and then immediately tried to push hard at the beginning to make a gap. I think on the third lap I had like eight seconds or something like that. Then I made a mistake at the back section, I fell and when I rejoined on the track, Jeremy (Seewer) got me. I needed one lap when I got back on the track to regroup and ride again like I know how too. I made a gap again of around twelve second and then controlled the race, it was a good one. 

The second race, I got the holeshot again, I didn’t want to push really hard because it was easy to make a mistake. The track was really rough, sketchy, really hard ruts and hard breaking bumps.  Also, the shadows and the sun, you couldn’t see in some sections because the sun was so low. Anyway, we managed to make the perfect weekend again and I am so happy. I mean like, what we are doing right now is just unbelievable. 

Gatedrop: In the first moto, can you just through the crash, was it a concentration issue of having such a big gap or did you change lines or something? 

Tim Gajser: There at that section, I was struggling. The inside rut was so deep and every lap I was struggling out of the corner. I tried to change the line but the ruts were so hard, when you picked one line, you couldn’t move out of it. I tried to do that but it didn’t end nice. I crashed but anyway I learnt a lot and knew not to do that again at the end of the race. 

Gatedrop:  The last two tracks in Latvia and Russia were very fast whereas Germany was a slowed paced track and got rougher I think. Was it nice to race a proper Motocross track once again let’s say? 

Tim Gajser:  Yeah, exactly. It was really technical the track this weekend with many deep ruts. You could make a difference out there compared to the other ones because Russia and Latvia was also quite smooth and flat. Everybody is pushing hard when it’s flat but this weekend was rough and I think it was a nice race track. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Gatedrop: Compared to last year the track preparation was different. The track crew ripped it a lot deeper this year which meant way more deep ruts and I think it got rougher.  Did you prefer the track this year or last year? 

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Tim Gajser:  I actually don’t remember how it was. I know this year was really deep but last year I can’t really remember how it was (laughs). I remember two years ago was exactly like this, they ripped it really deep with deep ruts and everything. I prefer these kind of tracks. The pace is a little bit slower and the track is more technical so you have to show your line selection, you have to stand on the bike more and you have to be really smooth. I think that’s good. 

Gatedrop: Obviously Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Carioli aren’t here but it’s not easy to win a GP with so many fast riders, you’ll take them anyway they come I’m sure..

Tim Gajser: Sure, it’s quite sad that both KTM guys aren’t here. I wish both of them a quick recovery and to be soon on the bike again. Anyway, all the other guys are really fast. I mean the MXGP class is stacked with so many good names, good riders and it was a good fight today. 

Pic: Niek Kamper

Gatedrop: For some people that might say “Oh Tim only won because Cairoli and Herlings got injured”, actually you won 6 moto’s in a row when Cairoli was there. So in a way you showed you were the man this year! 

Tim Gajser: Yeah, you know haters are going to hate (laughs), it’s always like that. But anyway,  I know I am feeling really good and that I am in good shape right now. I don’t know what to say about that, I mean we will see when they come back. 

Gatedrop: Just looking towards the rest of the season. Are you going to try and go out there and get race wins every weekend or do you think you’ll start to think about the championship and take a fourth or fifth if you have too? 

Tim Gajser: I just want to enjoy, that’s all. When I enjoy my riding and I have fun, I know that I can go fast and win the race. There’s still many races to go, eight more GP’s. Plenty of racing ahead of us so I’m not going to calculate it. Defiantly, you are right that I can play it smarter like in Latvia when I didn’t feel like myself in the first moto I didn’t push because I could have made a mistake and crash. I will ride smart but also like you said, I will try to win as much as possible. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy myself on the track. 

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Pics: Niek Kamper