Interview: Roger DeCoster – team USA

It was a tough weekend for team USA, team manager Roger DeCoster gave us his thoughts on their eighth place and what needs to change to improve their results.

Can you give us your thoughts for team America on the weekend?

It was a difficult weekend for us. First of all it was hard to put a team together because of many reasons. Riders changing teams for next year, the US season being super long, injuries and some riders switching brands for next year. We already have to start supercross testing right now, we have already started actually before we came here. The focus is supercross, it’s the most important for the US riders and it’s really hard to put a good team together.

We appreciate the fact you put a team together and the guys stepped up, they rode their hearts out, they left it all on the track

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They did their best , after the second race they actually did better than I thought before. If I had to estimate where we would finish, I would say 5/6 and we were in fourth and only two points from third place. But then everything fell apart in the last one, we got lapped, so…

Aaron Plessinger seemed to get better all weekend apart from the last race?

Yeah, but that only lasted to the second race, in the third race he was not good.

What do you have to do to get America back on the podium again?

We need to come with the best riders but that depends on many things. It depends on the team, if the team is behind it, some of the top riders wanted to come but the teams did not want to help.

Interview: Stephen Megarry

Image: Jonathan McCready