Interview: Max Anstie on Cardiff WSX

We caught up with Max Anstie after an intense three back to back main events at his home world supercross GP! Anstie won the second main event in front of the home crowd bur two bad starts in the other motos had him fighting to get inside the top ten so he just missed the podium.

Max Anstie, that was a pretty frantic set of races, what are your thoughts on it, you got a couple of race wins..

I won the heat race and the second main but it was hectic, it was very wild out there! The start was so slick and one race I got a great start, one race I was spinning, it was hard to be consistent. So yeah, and then the rest of the track turned into one line, it was really weird, but it was fun, fun to race at home, we did what we could and we will come back in Mebourne swinging in a couple of weeks.

How intense are those three back-to-back main events?

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It’s weird, it wasn’t that intense, the track was so slick, you had to be so smooth, it wasn’t really that gnarly. I didn’t feel I was that tired, i just couldn’t really get going but it is what it is, make the most of it and go again.

Cardiff SX, your home GP in regards to Great Britain, who was it for you?

Yeah it was good fun, I enjoyed it, the crowd were great and we will be alright, we will comeback in Melbourne swining and hopefully it was be back here next year!

Was this nice after the MXoN frustration to show what you can really do on a 250?

Yeah, it was good, it was a good turnaround, the bike, the team they’ve all done a good job and we’ve been pushing for this, yeah, it was alright.

And it sets you up well for America next season?

Yeah, another few weeks for that, so I am happy with that.

This is what he had to say about the experience:

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Image: WSX