Mud changes MXGP momentum!

Image: InFront Moto Racing

We saw in AMA supercross how the mud interupred the momentum Jett Lawrence was building after Anaheim one and it brought alot of other riders into play for the title, well, it has done exactly the same in MXGP after a weekend of survival in Agueda!

After being bascially perfect in the opening four rounds, Jorge Prado now finds himself 15 points down to Tim Gajser heading back to Spain this weekend for round six! A crash in each moto meant Prado finished outside the top ten each time so, despite being in the form his career, he is now playing catch up and given the rest hope. Things can change quickly in motocross but Prado is ready to attack saying, “We’re 15 points down, but hopefully, we’ll get back that red plate soon enough!”

Tim Gajser has been quietly having an excellent season, the Slovenian has been riding very well on the new Honda, but with Prado’s brilliance, he has been somewhat overshadowed despite Tim hanging in there every week on the podium, but now Tim is in the spotlight. His first moto battle with Herlings was electric and he leaves with the red plate despite that first turn crash in race two that saw him come abck to eleventh and pass Prado in the process. Gajser is where he wants to be, and Prado can’t control the series like he did last year, he has to win again.

Jeffrey Herlings coulda and maybe shoulda won the GP. He was running second and catching Gajser when his bike expired in race one before dominating race two for his first moto win of the year. Even if Herlings had just finished second in race one he would have won the GP and been 22 points better off and in the thick of the title chase. Herlings is still over 52 back but the door has been opening – he knows he can win now. The speed is back, the confidence is back and Herlings looks ready to lay down some electric pace. He has no choice but to win motos now.

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Romain Febvre was the steadiness in the storm despite a couple of msitakes he took third overall and is right in this title fight. He benefitted the most out of the big four om the day – and all four will believe this title is possible.

But let’s not forget the GP winner Pauls Jonass, with Stefan Everts in his corner, Jonass is rejuvenated, all the crashes and injuries are behind him and he looks much more like the rider that won an MX2 world title, he is just six points off Jeffrey Herlings and you have to commend Jonass determination and self-belief to go through so many tough times and come out a winner again in the toughest series in the world. He’s always had speed and now the belief is back. Pauls Jonass is the feel good story of 2024 in MXGP an Standing Construct show again what a great team they are for getting the most out of their riders.

The MXGP title fight is on and Prado’s rivals have renewed confidence, but we head back to Spain this weekend top see how the precise Spaniard responds to his first big adversity of 2024, I expect him to come out swinging but the rest also know they have to capitlise on the situation. The door is open and they all want to run though it!