Interview: Martin Creyns on the CreyMert Racing team closing their doors

The CreyMert KTM Racing team had been in the paddock for eight years but made the tough decision to close their doors at the end of the 2020 season.

The team had plenty of success in the paddock as a privateer effort and over the 8 years worked with plenty of young talents in both the European and World Championships.

We decided to catch up with Martin Creyns to get his thoughts on leaving the paddock and the team closing their doors.

Gatedrop: Martin, you’ve made the tough decision that the CreyMert Racing team have closed their doors. What brought you to this tough decision?

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Creyns: COVID-19 made things difficult in 2020 and I don’t expect things to be any better in 2021.  But anyway a lot of things came together that led to me making this decision to stop the team.

Gatedrop: COVID-19 is having a big hit – without COVID-19 do you think you’d have still stopped or continued with the team?

Creyns: I don’t know because we always said that we wouldn’t do this for anymore than 10 years and COVID-19 made us stop after 8 years. It was a decision made with different reasons to stop the team – health, Corona and with Corona we find out that there was more to life.

Gatedrop: What other factors do you think COVID-19 will hurt in Motocross – do you think we will see more teams stopping?

Creyns: I think so because some sponsors (money sponsors) will cut first of all in sponsoring.

Gatedrop: What was the lockdown period like for you – there was a lot of uncertainty, was it stressful with the team and did you start to realise there is life without Motocross?

Creyns:  It was not stressful because Hakon was in Norway, Maurice in Switserland and Avry in America.  We had had time for other things other than racing so yes we found out that there was to life than Motocross.

Gatedrop: On the team, what are your main highlights when you look back on the seven seasons?

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Creyns: The first time we did MX2 with Iker Larranaga and a podium with Brent Van Donink during the first year. The overall win with Kevin Horgmo and the podium with Hakon Osterhagen.

Gatedrop: Out of the riders you worked with, which riders did you enjoy working with the most?

Creyns: We liked working and living with all our riders, but Larranaga was the most dedicated rider in all the ways. He lived 10 months with us and it was a good time.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Gatedrop: Have you met friends for life, will there be people inside the paddock you will keep in contact with?

Creyns: Yes, of course we made friends for life. A lot of people we want to keep contact with even though we won’t run the team anymore.

Gatedrop: You were able to travel the world whilst running the team, what were your favourite GP’s every year and why?

Creyns: The MXGP of Sweden at Uddevalla because it is a nice nature track and a lovely country. The fans on the rocks are great.

Gatedrop: You still love the sport, right? Will you attend any races in the future to watch?

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Creyns: We will continue to go to Sweden of course as well as Oss and Faenza if it remains on the calendar.

Gatedrop: What are your short term plans – what have you got planned instead of running the team?

Creyns: We will work on my house in Spain and enjoy spending time there under the sun.

Gatedrop: Is there a chance we could ever see you back in the paddock running a team?

Creyns: For now no but never say never in the future.

Gatedrop: Anything else you’d like to add/anyone to thank?

Creyns: I want to thank all my riders, mechanics and of course all my sponsors and for sure the part sponsors.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Main pic: CreyMert Racing