Interview: Koen Gouwenberg on his 114 Motorsports Honda opportunity

With injuries hitting the 114 Motorsports team, they needed to search for a rider to contest the MX2 World Championship at Lommel this weekend.

The team have decided to give Dutch rider, Koen Gouwenberg the opportunity. Gouwenberg has been racing the Dutch Masters championship this year on a two stroke and as a privateer so it meant he was available.

This weekend will be his first ever MX2 World Championship in what’s a huge opportunity for him.

We caught up with Gouwenberg to get his thoughts heading into Lommel.

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Gatedrop: Koen, you’re racing for the 114 Motorsports Honda team this weekend in Lommel, did you expect this and has it all sunk in yet? 

Koen Gouwenberg: I honestly did not expect it so it took a while to sink in. It’s a big opportunity for me.

Gatedrop: You’ve had a test day on the 250cc Honda, just how did that go? 

Koen Gouwenberg: It went pretty well, we went to Berghem so we started out on a really rough track. We changed some things on the bike to suit it to my style and riding. We will do some more riding today (Thursday) and then its race time!

Gatedrop: A lot of people talk about Honda having a slow 250cc Honda, I bet when you jumped on the Honda though you found it fast?! 

Koen Gouwenberg: That’s right. I have never ridden a 250F that’s as fast as this bike. It’s definitely fast!

Gatedrop: How was it being with Livia and the team at the first test day, did she give you some good tips? 

Koen Gouwenberg: During the test day the team were telling me to just take my time to get comfortable and they were all really helpful. Indeed I did get some good tips.

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Gatedrop: You’ve been racing a two stroke all season, did it take you long to get to grips with a four stroke again? 

Koen Gouwenberg: During the first session I really had to figure it out again. After that it improved a lot already. We will be fine before the weekend starts.

Gatedrop: You’re racing the MX2 World Championship this weekend, just how does that feel and what’s your expectations? 

Koen Gouwenberg: It feels great, I will be putting in 100% effort all weekend long and just enjoy the whole experience as its my first GP. Results wise I don’t know what to expect as it’s my first GP.

Gatedrop: Obviously at the moment the deal is one race only I believe, has it been mentioned that you could maybe stay with the team longer? If not in MX2 then maybe the EMX250 series?

Koen Gouwenberg: Yes, the deal is just for Lommel. Nothing else has been mentioned.

Gatedrop: Just on the Dutch Masters series, are you happy with how everything is going? I was at the Zwarte Cross and thought you rode pretty good! 

Koen Gouwenberg: I feel like my speed has been there all year, but I had a lot of different problems at the Dutch Masters races so I feel like my results should have been better this year. Yes the Zwarte Cross was pretty good! I showed good speed again, it’s just a shame I had a start crash in the 2nd moto.

Gatedrop: Anyone to thank? 

Koen Gouwenberg: I want to thank 114 motorsports for the opportunity!

Interview: Andy McKinstry