Interview: Jeremy Albrecht on Chad Reed riding for JGR Suzuki

JGR Suzuki pulled off a bit of a coup by having Chad Reed racing at the final US National of the year – and it worked out very well for both parties!

Reed got solid results and the team got a lot of exposure and both sides admit there is a chance something could be done for 2019, although nothing has been decided yet.

Our man Doug Turney got the lowdown on how the deal happened from J-Bone and we hear Reed’s side of the story for his interview with Vital MX.

Can you give us a little bit of background how you got Chad racing this weekend and the background to it? 

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Yeah, he actually called a few weeks ago. When FOX did the Pala raceway thing, he and Ricky and them were out there riding some stock bikes and he jumped on Ricky’s Suzuki and tried it out, he only did a lap on it but liked and called us up just to see what we were doing. I told hi I didn’t no yet and we were still working on things and it would be a little bit. A couple of weeks later we talked again, we were talking about next year but nothing is set yet and I said I have a crazy idea for you, how about you ride the last two nationals! He said he has been riding and it sounded interesting but could he ride the bike and he might do the last one. He liked Budds Creek but the timing meant he would only have one day on it. So, he came up and rode it and wanted to ride it a little bit more so he felt he wouldn’t embarrass himself, he took it super serious, he’s not as prepared as he’d like to be but I respect him for coming, he hasn’t raced Nationals in a long time, and it’s already tough if you do it every day. To me for him to come here is a big deal and to ride for our team is cool.  

It’s tricky to be a racer because you are always judged on your last race, in supercross she came in with an injury and it looks like he is in better shape now than he was then. Why I think he is out here is he wants to prove he is better than he showed this year, he said that was the most frustrating thing he has ever done. He is a big name rider and it seems like the fans are excited and all of us and our sponsors are excited. He hadn’t raced outdoor in three years so I just think it’s cool he’s here, if any of these guys, Windham or Stewart come to race the fans like them no matter what place they get.  

Any thoughts on him doing Monster Cup or Red Bull rhythm with the team? 

It sounds like he wants to do them already. We aren’t that far yet, this was all I had right now and that’s why it was cool he did this, because really I don’t have anything else yet and usually the guys will only do something if there is something at the end of that.  

To me it gets his name out, even it what for another team next year, for them to see the excitement of this one race. He does bring a lot and he has a big following and attention on him, him proving all this helps him, I don’t think it was a negative for any of us.