Bailey Malkiewicz: One of my dreams has come true

Young Aussie talent, Bailey Malkiewicz contested the Junior World Championship at the weekend and in front of his home crowd. With his home crowd behind him he didn’t disappoint and won the 125cc Junior World Championship.

This will obviously help raise Malkiewicz’s profile outside of Australia. At the moment his plans are to stay in Australia for the 2019 season but after winning the Junior World Championship he might just attract some interest from top teams in the GP or even American paddock.

We caught up with Malkiewicz to discuss his win at the Junior World Championship which he describes as a dream coming true.

Gatedrop: Bailey, you became 125cc Junior World Champion at the weekend, just how it feel to clinch the title?

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Bailey Malkiewicz: It’s unbelievable, just an amazing feeling knowing that one of my dreams has come true.

Gatedrop: Can you talk me through both of your moto’s?

Bailey Malkiewicz: Well, in moto one, I got a good start coming around the corner in second but then unfortunately a couple laps in the lead, a rider and I come together and I went down. I got back up in third then had to take my goggles of due to the weather and charged my way back to second for that moto.
In moto two I got the holeshot then a couple laps in I lost the lead, then with three laps to go I re-inherited the lead and came across the line in first. I went 2-1 for first overall on the day.

Gatedrop: How did it feel racing in front of the home crowd and even better getting the win?

Bailey Malkiewicz: Being able to race at a big event like that in your home country makes things so much better and easier to prepare.  It feels amazing because you’re already used to the weather and the track. The crowd was unreal, I really can’t believe how many fans and aussies were going off as I crossed the line.

Gatedrop: You also won the MXDN title this year, to win both must make it the perfect season for you?

Bailey Malkiewicz: Yeah, it does make it perfect so far, I can’t believe I’ve achieved this much in just a short time and winning two titles already is unbelievable.

Gatedrop: Did you enjoy racing against new competition as you usually just race in Australia?

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Bailey Malkiewicz: I’ve raced against most of those kids before but there were a couple new competitors this time around and I really enjoyed racing against new people and seeing how I can improve.

Gatedrop: Out of the new competitors you were racing against, who would you say impressed you the most?

Bailey Malkiewicz: Definitely the Italian rider (Mattia Guadagnini) and Petr Polak from Czech Republic, they were both fast and strong competitors.

Gatedrop: Would you have an interest in coming over and racing the EMX series in the future?

Bailey Malkiewicz: I would love to race over there, it would be an amazing learning curve for me and I would love every minute of it.

Gatedrop: Obviously you won’t want to race in Australia all your career, would America or the World Championship be your preference?

Bailey Malkiewicz: I would love to come over to race the MXGP and then one day race over in the USA in AMA.

Gatedrop: Have to spoke to any Aussies that race the world championship or any that race in America, what have they had to say about the series’ they ride?

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Bailey Malkiewicz: The Lawrence boys have been over in Europe racing in the EMX250 (Jett) and MX2 (Hunter) this year and I believe they both love it.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Bailey Malkiewicz: all my family and friends and everyone who makes my job possible/my sponsors:

Pic: Youthstream