Interview: Daniela Guillen – riding at the front of WMX

Daniela Guillen has become one of the big hitters in WMX and shone again at Arnhem – even though the sand isn’t her favourite conditions! This is that she had to say about her day and racing WMX.

GateDrop: Daniela, here at Arnhem in the Netherlands, a very deep and tough track but it was a good weekend for you, you must be happy with your weekend?

Guillen: Yeah, I am really happy because in Spain we don’t have sand so I think we do a good race. Here I managed to finish second overall so I am really happy. Now we will think about Turkey to do the best there and maybe we can win the championship.

GateDrop: You are still very very young yet so good in these conditions, have you practiced in these conditions since you were young?

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Guillen: No, I just think it’s because I like it so much, the sand. In Spain we don’t have sand but I come here to train a little bit and in Lommel. I feel good and I do my best in the race.

GateDrop: It was the first time this track in Arnhem had a GP, what did you think of it?

Guillen: Yeah, it was hard with all the bumps, you know? and some rocks in the jumps but I felt good. The track was very technical, but I like it very much.

GateDrop: WMX is very very fast this year. With yourself improving and Lotte as well, I think it’s really good for the sport?

Guillen: Yeah, it is good. I think it’s good to have young riders and we go faster, I think it is good for the championship and for the girls also.

GateDrop: Goals for the future? To become WMX champion?

Guillen: We are here to win, I am here to win the championship but it is difficult so we will see what the future brings.

GateDrop: Growing up there was only really Jonathan Barragan that was top from Spain but now there’s Prado, Fernandez and you in WMX, it is good for the sport in Spain?

Guillen: I think with Jorge being right at the front and me also, I think for Spanish Motocross it is good. More people like Motocross because of that so it is good.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: Danny Relouw