Interview: Cyril Genot – Impressing on a stock bike

Cyril Genot has got an opportunity to race the MX2 World Championship this year when the A1M Husqvarna team were looking for a fill in rider. 

The young Belgian had a superb GP at the brutal sand track of Lommel – conditions that suit the young and friendly Belgian. He ended up a very impressive seventh overall and he’s riding a stock bike. 

Genot is one rider with bags of potential and has a lovely style as well, he just needs to improve his hard pack riding! 

We caught up with Genot to discuss Lommel and much more.  

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Gatedrop: Cyril, seventh overall for you here at Lommel, a brilliant weekend for you! Can you talk me through your races?

Cyril Genot: It’s been a pretty good weekend for me. It started off great being sixth in free and timed practice. I ended up ninth in the qualifying race so my Saturday was pretty good. On Sunday, I am pretty happy. I had some decent starts, I just did my own thing out there. The track was rough and it was hot out there. Physically it was demanding but overall I’m happy with seventh overall. It’s great for me and we are still kind of on a stock bike so I’m stocked with it. 

Gatedrop: You’ve got some nice memories from Lommel as well. What is it about this place that makes you go so good? 

Cyril Genot:  I don’t know. I’ve had some good times but like last year I’ve had some bad races here. I don’t really know if Lommel suits me because I’ve rode here only maybe about four times this year. I haven’t been riding at all much lately. I think it’s just the sand that suits me good but I think I can do the same on hard pack. I just need more time, I need some more time on the tracks like GP’s with big ruts. It’s hard for us to find sometimes places like that. 

Gatedrop: How tough was the track this weekend? I think it was rougher than last year! 

Cyril Genot: Yeah, they flattened nothing during the weekend except the jumps. It was rough, I can tell you that. I liked it, you know? If you’re physically good then you can really manage to get good results. I think it’s good that they done that, it was really rough. 

Gatedrop: What do you think you need to do to improve on hard pack? I think you’re a rider with really good potential and have a lovely style but hard pack is still a bit of an issue for you. 

Cyril Genot: The starts are so important. You just need some good material also, that’s a big thing in the MX2 class, everyone has really good bikes and I’m happy with mine but we don’t have any support.  I’m kind of riding on just a normal stock bike, the start can be hard and it’s also hard to pass people because everyone is fast.

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 Gatedrop: Everyone probably saw you signed with A1M Husqvarna and now you’ve got a good bike but actually it’s stock. Just how difficult is that? 

Cyril Genot: It’s not the fault of the team. To explain, they have test riders so they get the material for themselves so I am riding on my own material. It’s not a mistake from the team, I am happy that they let me ride and give me this opportunity to put me back in the GP’s.  I’m really happy with that. 

Gatedrop: On the rest of the season, you’re battling for the ADAC German Championship – I’m sure you’ll want to clinch that title! 

Cyril Genot: I am going to go for the title for sure but we have some big competition. We will see, we have three hard pack tracks now coming up. I’m stocked about that, I hope to do good and go for the title.

Gatedrop: You’ve raced quite a lot in the EMX250 series, how would you compare it to racing in the MX2 World Championship? 

Cyril Genot:  It’s just different. In MX2, for sure it’s going so fast but it suits me more. You have more bike time and the riders kind of know where they are going. Sometimes I’ve been mid-pack in the EMX250 class and you can’t really ride your own pace, everyone is going from left to right. For me, it’s horrible and it doesn’t suit me as I’m a technical rider. I’m more happy to be in the MX2 class, I think the bike time is very important for me. I need more time on the GP tracks and I think this year is just for learning. For next year we will do some big improvements. 

Gatedrop: I’m sure you’d love to race the MX2 World Championship again next year, how likely is that to happen? 

Cyril Genot: Hopefully, hopefully. We will see. I done great today so I hope it opens some doors for the rest of the year. 

Interview: Andy McKinstry 

Pic: Nigel McKinstry