Interview: Andrea Adamo on the expectations of being reigning MX2 World Champ + his season so far

Images: Nigel McKinstry | Interview: Andy McKinstry

After his home GP in Maggiora, we caught up with the reigning MX2 world champion, Andrea Adamo to discuss his season so far and more. You can listen, read or watch below:

GateDrop: Andrea, that is your home GP of Maggiora in the books, it was very very tough to pass out there, it made starts so so important but overall I feel like your pace was okay, I mean you kept de Wolf behind you there and we know how strong he’s been this year so must be pleased with the speed but just need better starts around that track…

Adamo: No, for sure… it’s a little bit frustrating because with the speed that we had the whole weekend we could do much better than what we did. In the qualifying race, we crashed at the first lap and it was not the case to crash at first lap because with the track there was only one line like it was yesterday. It was really bad to pass but I managed to come back to P6 so it was pretty good but today the conditions were a little bit more normal and everybody was fast but there was really no way to pass and most of the races that we saw they just end the race how they started except somebody that was crashing. But yeah it’s a little bit like I said frustrating because with the speed we could do much better but it is the way it is and we did P4.

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GateDrop: How did you find the track? Obviously so much rain, I think the organizers done a pretty good job drying it up, it looked really really rock hard out there, was it slick and hard to ride?

Adamo: Yeah the track was really really strange because with all the rain that we had yesterday and the days before they had to really take the first part out so yeah it was not easy for them. I think they managed and they did a pretty good job but I think around the track they could do some options to change so we could pass. Different options because everyone was going on the same line and it was really tough to pass… I think for the public the races were quite boring because nobody overtook somebody else except somebody that crashes so yeah but like I said is the way it is and P4. With the speed I’m really happy about it so that’s important and now we go to Indonesia.

GateDrop: Obviously you were world champion last year, this year maybe a little bit up and down, it looked like you turned a corner in the second moto in Spain when you won that moto but again starts aren’t always there, how would you describe your season so far?

Adamo: Yeah, the season has been strange… really strange. As the reigning champion people expect much more but honestly from one side I don’t care what people expect. It’s just me and my team… I think they always teach me to let’s say, you don’t need to show nothing to nobody… Everything you do, you need to do for yourself and that’s what I do. I’m pretty happy, the beginning of the season I struggled a little bit but I think today was let’s say the first GP where I had in all the sessions the speed to stay there at the front so already I think one step. Let’s go for the two races in Indonesia.

GateDrop: Where would you say you are at with regards the bike now? I know you struggled a little bit over winter getting the right setup and it looked like in Spain you found a corner. Are you happy with the bike where it is now or still improvements to be done? Them Husqvarna’s look unbelievable and especially out of the gate…

Adamo: I think with the team we are doing a pretty good job. We improved the bike a lot from the beginning of the season so the bike is working better. We still need to adjust somethings, some small things that maybe can help us to make that little step but let’s say overall it’s pretty good.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: Just on the season – it’s been mud, mud and more mud… you’ve had to really adapt to this crazy season in MXGP but at least today thank goodness was dry…

Adamo: No, it’s been really crazy. Mumma Mia, we are now mid season season because this is the 10th GP and I think we had only three GP’s that was not raining in a whole weekend so it has been quite a crazy season. But let’s focus on things that we can control and this one we cannot control unfortunately.

GateDrop: I don’t know if you would have read but Jeffrey Herlings comments came out during the week about rider safety and MXGP. Have you got anything to add to that or to say about the safety in MXGP?

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Adamo: Unfortunately, I try to not think so much to not talk but this year already has been three or four times where for me they ended the situation really bad. In Argentina with Brent (van Doninck) and then in Germany with Jacobi and PJ (Pauls Jonass)… so I think on that side we really need to make a step because what Jeffrey says, everything is true it’s not the fake stuff so yeah we need to make a step on that side for sure and improve.

GateDrop: Luongo and Coombs are talking about having an AMA/MXGP race combo so the top 20 in each class race against each other, we don’t know when it’ll happen but what would your thoughts be on that? Pretty cool?

Adamo: I think it’ll be pretty cool because I mean there is always that from the fans, from everybody, the question you know? They may think AMA is better than MXGP but it would be cool one day to go top 20 and top 20 and see what is going to happen.

GateDrop: Last question, are you happy racing in MX2 at the moment? You’re not thinking of moving up next year to MXGP or anything like that?

Adamo: At the moment, no… At the moment, yeah I’m happy to stay in MX2 I think one more year and then we’ll see for the future. But at the moment the plan is to stay in MX2.