Interview: Alberts Karlis Reisulis – gearing up for the EMX125 season

One rider to keep an eye on going into the EMX125 series is young Latvian talent, Alberts Karlis Reisulis who’s part of the MJC Yamaha setup who have a very strong team going into the 2022 season. Reisulis missed the opening round of the series last year which ruled him out of title contention straight away but he started to show what he could really do towards the end of the season and ended up seventh in the championship.

Reisulis will be looking for more in 2022 and don’t be surprised to see him regularly get himself on the podium. His younger brother Jānis Reišulis will also be one to watch as it’ll be his rookie season in the EMX125 class but he did a few rounds last year to prepare and already finished second in a moto. This is the first year the two brothers will race together for a full season so it’s unknown territory for them.

We caught up with Reisulis to get his thoughts on the upcoming season and more.

GateDrop: Let’s start with last year which started in a disappointment being injured for the opening round. The first round back wasn’t great for you either but towards the end of the season you had some good results and finished seventh in the EMX125 championship – looking back how do you reflect on the 2021 season?

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Reisulis: Yes, the start of the season wasn’t the greatest but we saw the progress whenever I scored a better result in the races and even two podiums towards the end of the season.

GateDrop: You have a lot more experience now, how do you feel going into the 2022 season?

Reisulis: I am feeling much more confident than last year, thanks to training with a 250cc during the winter.

GateDrop: Staying with the MJC Yamaha team – now you know how the team works etc, you must feel prepared for the season ahead?

Reisulis: Yes, I am very familiar to the team now, they are like a family at the races. Now it was much easier to prepare since I already know the team from last year.

GateDrop: How has the off-season been for you and what’s your speed and feeling like?

Reisulis: The off-season could have gone better, I broke my collarbone but I didn’t stay so much away from bike since I had an injury, but it kept me motivated.

GateDrop: Having two really fast team mates (Van Erp and Zanchi). Have you been putting many laps in with them and that must really help your speed as you are all able to push each other?

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Reisulis: I haven’t seen them as much I could have, but they are also the reason to help me keep pushing, also they are some really nice guys.

GateDrop: What’s your expectations for the 2022 season?

Reisulis: I’m expecting to go for the top 3 in the EMX125 series but I don’t want to be underwhelmed if I don’t do it so it can depend on the first races.

GateDrop: Your brother is going to be an EMX125 rookie this year as well – what’s your thoughts on racing him this year for the full championship? Have you raced against him much in the past?

Reisulis: It’s not easy to race with him but this will be the first season where I have to actually battle him on the track.

GateDrop: Your bro did the Arco rounds of the series last year and actually finished second in a moto, did that surprise you he was able to do that and how do you think he’ll do in 2022?

Reisulis: It had me surprised, but I knew his speed was there so it makes sense. If he keeps working hard and training he could do the same or do even better this year.

GateDrop: Anything else to add and anyone to thank?

Reisulis: I would just want to thank everyone whos behind my back. I don’t want to miss any of the names but I want to tell them that I’m really thankful for what they do for me.

Interview: Andy McKinstry