Interview: Aigar Leok on his son becoming EMX65 champ!

What a weekend it was for the Leok clan and two moto dad’s – Aigar and Tanel Leok as they got to watch their son’s contest the EMX65 and EMX85 championships. Aigar’s son, Lucas was in superb form in the EMX65 class and ended up winning the event and he’s just 9 years old so he will still race a 65cc next year as well.

We caught up with Aigar to discuss the event and more.

GateDrop: Aigar, what a weekend it was for you with your son racing at Riola in the EMX65 series – coming into the event what did you expect from him?

Leok: The weekend was crazy and emotions were at the ceiling. This race was Lucas’ first big race and our plan was to come and gain experience. All I wanted was for him to ride as he could and enjoy the moment he was in.

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GateDrop: The event obviously couldn’t have went much better as he won the EMX65 title, just how did it feel to watch your son do that?

Leok: I’m proud of him. this tension when you look at your son in a situation like this, it’s crazy.

GateDrop: He’s so young and riding at that stage, I am sure he was nervous? What advice/tips did you give him before the event to try and keep him calm?

Leok: Before the first race I just told him to enjoy what you like to do and don’t think about the result. Be like during training and rider as you can.

GateDrop: Riola – what a track! In my opinion it’s one of the best tracks on the calendar and was already rough for the EMX65 and EMX85 races, what’s your thoughts on the track?

Leok: It was definitely challenging for the boys but I think the race was great.

GateDrop: Obviously Tanel’s two kids raced the EMX85 series, that must be really cool as well? You and Tanel will have another adventure in the MX World – I hope you didn’t think you were getting away from it for long!

Leok: Lucas and Tanel’s two sons get along very well and they all like motocross, it’s crazy. I think that if the boys have the will and desire to work in this field, we will do our best with Tanel to support them on this journey.

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GateDrop: What’s Lucas’ plans for the 2022 season – will he step up and race the 85cc now?

Leok: Since Lucas is only 9 years old, next year will definitely be another year in the 65cc class. We are definitely trying to take part in the European Championships and the Junior World Championships.

GateDrop: We now know Lucas is great in the sand but what’s his hard pack riding like? The EMX85 final usually takes place at Loket, do you think he could have done the same there?

Leok: I think Lucas can ride anywhere. we definitely have more soft terrain tracks in Estonia, but we have also rode a lot of hard terrain tracks as well.

GateDrop: There seems to be a lot of talent in Estonia and the MXoN results in recent years speak for themselves, why do you think that is? You must be proud to see them do so well!

Leok: We in Estonia have good opportunities to engage in motocross. We have many different paths and having the desire to deal with it can do it well.

GateDrop: Just on your career, being a site based in Ireland, we have to ask you about that day in Desertmartin – the best day of your career in 2005 getting your only GP podium! What do you remember from that day and how did it feel to stand on the box?

Leok: The last 2 rounds of 2005 went very well for me. Finally, in the round in Ireland, I succeeded. This day will still be remembered, it was my only podium in the GP’s.

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GateDrop: Anything else to add?

Leok: I would like to thank everyone who is involved in Lucas’ plan – family, sponsors, supporters, fans and definitely Team #111 and Club #111 – thanks everyone.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Infront Moto Racing/MXGP