Hunter Lawrence on 250s not being the main goal

Following his impressive win in Seattle, Hunter Lawrence was asked in the press conference how racing in the USA has made him different or better from his time in GPs, and the Aussie then spoke about how his experiences now are all in order to be good on the 450!

“It’s obviously a whole different ball game over here and stuff,” said Hunter in relation to the world motocross championship and AMA racing. “My experience in supercross isn’t crazy. I’ve only done 17 main events. So, I’m still just learning. Honestly, I’m just trying to better myself every race night, learning. It’s honestly just trying to build and be better every time I’m at the race and during the week to become a better rider in the future. That’s what the end goal is. It’s not to be in 250. This is not focusing on everything to be a 250 guy. Everything is into the future (the 450 class). That’s just what we’re trying to do, just be better every time we step on the track and on the motorcycle.”

Hunter of course recently posted an image of a 450 with his number on it as Jett recently said he expects Hunter to be very good on the bigger machine – so will that change come sooner than expected?

Image: Honda