Federico Tuani signs with SM-Action GasGas

Young Italian, Federico Tuani has spent the past few years with the Maddii Racing team but is on the move for the 2022 season. The SM-Action GasGas team have decided Tuani up and his focus will be on the EMX250 series.

This year Tuani raced the EMX2T series and raced the EMX250 rounds that didn’t clash but it will be nice for him to now fully focus on EMX250. After racing the two-stroke he will also be back on a four-stroke for the 2022 season.

” I was searching for a good team with the 4 stroke for 2022 and so I thought that SM action could be a good opportunity for the future. My expectations for 2022 is to be top 3 in the EMX250 series, I have a good trainer behind me, great people that work everyday to make a good bike, good setup, my family! I think if everything goes well I can do it. I want to thank my family who support me every day, they work so hard for me and I hope one day to give them what they deserve. I thank also the new team for the great opportunity and all the people that help me during the season”, Tuani told GateDrop.com.