Eric Sorby on being back in the GP paddock

Frenchman, Eric Sorby had a good motocross career both in the American paddock and at the GP’s.

However, Sorby is now back in the GP paddock as a rider coach working with the 114 Motorsports team and Mitch Evans who’s a new rider in the MX2 World Championship coming from Australia.

“I’m glad to be here. It’s been a good year for me so far so I’m glad to be back in the GP’s. I was racing the GP’s back in the days and I went to America – I moved back six years ago but was a bit off with the racing. Now I am back and really happy”, Sorby said on the MXGP-TV studio show.

On working with Mitch Evans.. 

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“It’s not hard to work with Mitch, he’s a really good and technical rider.  The hard part for me is to get him better now and find spots on the track I can help him to be faster”.

“I’m here to help him like I can, the trainer doesn’t do everything. We work as a team, win as a team and lose as a team. Mitch is working really hard and has a good family behind him, good team manager in Livia, a good mechanic and now he has me. There’s not one full person that does the full job, we work as a team. He does his job during the week, I do mine and everyone else in the team does the same”.

The difference he can make as a coach.. 

“A lot of it is mental. A lot of top guys like him (Mitch) think they’re slower than everyone else. I work with him and tell him he’s right there and has good people around him. We’ve worked a lot of the bike and it’s now really good. I try to calm him down a little bit because he’s really nervous. I watch other riders like Prado, Olsen, Jacobi to see what they do and what Mitch doesn’t do. I’m not the one that makes the big difference, I am just here to help”.

Evans isn’t the only rider he’s working with though as Sorby is also working with Amandine Verstappen. 

“I’ve been working with Amandine for the last two years. She’s like Mitch, when I’m not with her during the week, I know she does the job on and off the track. She is really really serious about her programme and that paid off in Valkenswaard for her”.

Working with James Stewart in the past.. 

“It was really hard to be around this guy. The guy was just winning every weekend and we only expected him to win – not finish second. It was really really hard so now to be with Amandine. She’s not the fastest girl in GP’s but she’s right there, it’s easier to be with her than before.

“Now to be with Mitch is a little bit harder for me because he’s one of the top guys. He can win some races, he needed some races to be where he needs to be. He had crashes and was off the bike for 2 or 3 weeks after Argentina. We are rebuilding now”.

Pics: Thibault Gastal