EMX Powertrain launches electric motocross bike XF30

EMX Powertrain proudly announces the release of its latest electric motocross bike: the XF30! A hundred XF30’s, part of the first limited series, are now available to be pre-ordered.

After two years of development, EMX Powertrain is ready to unleash the ultimate electric motocross experience. The XF30 has been designed for the purest riding experience. It combines the look and feel of proven motocross engineering with the thrill of electric power. It’s the perfect combination of riding as you know it and clean power.

Combining clean power with proven motocross technology

Combining the best qualities of a motocross bike (X) with the freedom (F) of clean technology, the XF30 offers a unique balance between the thrill of riding and easy handling. The platform in which the 30 kW electric powertrain is fitted has a proven pedigree. The aluminum double beam frame has been fitted with KYB suspension, making sure the feel of the bike will be familiar to an experienced motocross rider. Due to advanced and innovative cooling design, the electric motor and battery are built to deliver on a demand for high power at all times, while it requires limited maintenance, making sure you can keep on riding as much as possible. Truthfully, the XF30 offers a beautifully composed combination of balance and performance.

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Delivering 40 bhp, 720 Nm (at the rear wheel), and coming with a 4500 Wh battery, the XF30 is up to any challenge. Whether it’s an enduro trail you want to explore, a motocross track you want to race on, or if you just want to ride around, this bike can do it all. The XF30 is equipped with a mapping switch to make sure you have the perfect characteristics for your ride.

Elmar Dohms, EMX Powertrain Founder

“We’re extremely proud to finally show the XF30. I want to thank everyone within EMX Powertrain who worked extremely hard to get where we are. We started drawing up the bike from a blank canvas, developed an electric powertrain, and built a motocross bike showcasing incredible balance and performance. We believe this first limited series will appeal to many early adopters and marks our first step in contributing to the future of the sport. I also would like to point out that the XF30 is the first commercial application of our EMX high-performance powertrain, to be followed by many more, starting with our street-legal bike in 2024.”

Customized edition delivered in Q1 2023

EMX kicks off production of the XF30 with a limited series of a hundred bikes, due to be delivered from Q1 2023 on, before ramping up production in the near future. Pre-ordered limited edition bikes come with a special tag on the frame. Pre-ordering now means you will receive your XF30 as soon as possible.

Words: Press Release